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The Vietnam War

Vietnam oral presentation.

Oscar Mier

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of The Vietnam War

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers" - Jose Narosky THE VIETNAM WAR 58,000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam war WORKS CITIED

(1) Richard Tregaskis's, "Vietnam Diary," copyright 1963

(2) Donald M. Goldstein's, Katherine V. Dillon's, and J. Michael Wenger's, "THE VIETNAM WAR, The Story and Photographs," copyright 1997

(3) Eric Foner's, "Give Me Liberty, An American History Volume two," copyright 2010

(4)Discovery Channel's, "Vietnam in HD documentary." President Johnson authorizes operation Rolling Thunder, a long lasting bombing offensive. February 13th 1965 Congress passes Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing president Johnson to take all the steps necessary in the Southeast Asia. August 7th 1964 USS Maddox attacked by 3 North Vietnamese torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin.
The first step of "aggression" towards the United States August 2nd 1964 March 8, 1965 Bien Hoa Air force base was attacked by Viet Cong.
This was the first direct attack in the country. November 1st 1964 By 1968 only 35% of the U.S. population approved of Johnson's handling of the war. With 50% disapproval. Veterans Against the war International outcry The Resistance at home The Fear of Communism The U.S. participation Ngo Dinh Diem Ho Chi Minh The steps towards chaos Following WWII a crumbling France was determined to regain their lost colonies. Indochina 8:00am The Marines land in South Vietnam The fall of Indochina The Fall of Saigon Search and destroy The rush into Laos and Cambodia April29, 1970 THE WAR The battles for the high ground and delta Tet offensive
January 30, 1968 The Viet Cong THE RISE OF AMERICAN INVOLVEMENT IN VIETNAM The Exposure of War Students rise against the war discrimination during the war Vietnamzation By Oscar D. Mier NVA Civilian casualties The legendary tunnels of Vietnam A military stalemate Body count not territory The assassination of John F. Kennedy "And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him..."Revelation 6:8 Over 2.5 million Americans served in the Vietnam War JULY 28, 1965 150,000 U.S ARMED FORCES ARE IN VIETNAM 1965 The horrors of Napalm The infantry would be out in the "bush for 30-45 days at a time The heart of Vietnam: The delta December 1967
16, 250 Americans have been killed in Vietnam, and an estimated 186,000 enemy troops had been killed. The disaster at My Lai

Over 500 civilians are killed in My Lai Many South Vietnamese were Viet Cong sympathizers Napalm burns at up to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit - hot enough to melt steel March 31, 1968 President Johnson halts the bombing in the North, and refuses to rerun for reelection. During the Vietnam war 2.4 million tons of bombs are dropped on the Ho Chi Minh Trail During the war the North Vietnamese used Cambodia and Laos as a refugee. May 9, 1970 The U.S. troops were 5,000 meters from the NVA headquarters, but ordered to halt. June 1970 the U.S. withdraws from cambodia August 11, 1972 the last ground troops leave Vietnam Approximately 50,000 "at risk" civilians are evacuated from South Vietnam. All gave some, some gave all
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