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Rick Riordan - Timeline

No description

Katie Hoyt

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Rick Riordan - Timeline

Rick Riordan
Timeline of the award-winning author Rick Riordan was born June 5th, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated Alamo Heights High School in 1982.
He graduated from the University of Texas in 1986, double-majoring in english and history. He submitted many works from a very young age.
His first pieces ever published were two short stories in the UTSA literary magazine in 1977, when he was thirteen. His first full-time job was teaching English and History at middle and high schools in New Braunfels, Texas.
In 2002, he received the Master Teacher Award from Saint Mary's Hall. Rick Riordan published his first book, 'Big Red Tequila,' in June 1997. 'Big Red Tequila' was the first book of the series, Tres Navarre.
The entire series was adult mystery. Riordan Recieves Recognition There were seven books to the series: 'Big Red Tequila' (June, 1997), 'The Widower's Two-Step' (May, 1998), 'The Last King Of Texas' (2000), 'The Devil Went Down To Austin' (2001), 'Southtown' (2004), 'Mission Road' (2005), and 'Rebel Island' (2007). The Tres Navarre series gained two awards.
In 1998, the series was given the awards Anthony and Shamus.
In 1999, it was given the Edgar award. Rick Riordan's success came biggest when he invented a character called Percy Jackson.
His inspiration was his son and his passion for Greek mythology, and he was persuaded to write the bedtime story out on paper. The Percy Jackson series consists of 5 books.
Percy Jackson began his adventures in the first book, titled 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.'
It was published in July 2005. The first book was a big hit, selling over 1.2 million copies in 4 years.
It was made into a movie in 2010. The Percy Jackson & The Olympians series has 5 books including 'The Lightning Thief.'
The other books are 'The Sea of Monsters' (May, 2006), 'The Titan's Curse' (May, 2007), 'The Battle of the Labyrinth' (May, 2008), and 'The Last Olympian' (May, 2009).
There was also an extra book of short stories in the same world, titled 'The Demigod Files' (February, 2009). After that series was concluded, the fans begged for more.
Continuing in the same world, and some of the same characters, Riordan created a sequel series titled 'The Heroes of Olympus.' The series earned 5 awards: Mark Twain Award for 'The Lightning Thief' (2008) and 'The Sea of Monsters' (2009), Rebecca Caudill Award for 'The Lightning Thief' (2009), Wyoming Soaring Eagle Book Award for 'The Last Olympian' (2011), and the Milner Award for the entire series (2011). It begins with a new plot and a new antagonist in the first book, 'The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero' (October, 2010). The Heroes of Olympus series is planned to be a five-book series as well, but is still in progress.
After 'The Lost Hero' has been two more books: 'The Son of Neptune' (October, 2011) and 'The Mark of Athena' (October, 2012).
'The House of Hades', the fourth book is planned for October, 2013.
Like the previous series, there was an extra added book, 'The Demigod Diaries' in August, 2012. Intertwining with the publication of the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series, Riordan continued to write more books with mythology in mind.
He began 'The Kane Chronicles' with the first book in May 2010 - 'The Red Pyramid'. Instead of writing about Greek and Roman myths, The Kane Chronicles are based off the Egyptian stories.
The Kane Chronicles is a trilogy with 'The Red Pyramid' starting it.
It continues on to two books: 'The Throne of Fire' (May 2011) and 'The Serpent's Shadow' (May 2012). 'The Red Pyramid' has earned 3 awards: the School Library Journal's Best Book (2010), Children's Choice Book Awards: Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade Book of the Year (2011), and the Indian Paintbrush Award (2012). In addition to all of the previous, Riordan also plans on writing a Norse mythology series that will come out in 2015. Riordan received the Children's Choice Book Awards: Author of the Year in 2011.
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