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Objection Handling

No description

Damola Adebayo

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Objection Handling

A strategy for countering objections and providing solutions.
What is the CHAT Model?
What is the best way to respond to a customer's objections?

You could simply respond immediately to their challenge...

Or, recognize that there is typically more to their concern than meets the eye. The objection is simply the tip of the iceberg - what really underlies their concern?
Test for Acceptance
T - Test
Finally, make sure the customer has heard and understood your answer, and that they accept it.

If the customer raises additional concerns, take it from the top! Re-clarify their new objection and move through the CHAT model again.

Honor the Concern
H - Honor
Next, acknowledging and appreciating a customer's concerns is essential to building successful relationships.

Validate customers' concerns by letting them know you think they have raised an important issue.

Answer the Concern
A - Answer
Only after confirming your understanding of the client's position and validating their concern do you address their objections.

Offer solutions directly connected to resolving customers' specific points of concern.

Clarify the Objection
C - Clarify
The first key to successful objection handling is clarifying the customer's objection.

Use open ended questions to encourage customers to share their thoughts.

Clarify your understanding of their real concerns by repeating back to them what you heard.
Use this opportunity to highlight the key advantages of your service... but be certain that these benefits also address the customer's objections and specific situation in a seamless way. Stay more focused on the customer's needs, not your solution!
The CHAT Model
A Guide to Successful Objection Handling
CHAT is a process that empowers your sales and service personnel to effectively acknowledge and address customer concerns.

Using this model assures your customers that you've heard them, and engages them as partners in the resolution process.
To see the CHAT method in practice, click on the play button to view the video below.
Zehren Friedman. (2013, August 27).
Selling skills tip: CHAT down objections!
Retrieved from http:// youtu.be/yWYYIaxNDJ4
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