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Ironhack (2016/02/10) Lessons learnt: 2nd Martian year

No description

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Ironhack (2016/02/10) Lessons learnt: 2nd Martian year

We are MarsBased
We are a webapp dev shop
Dude, this sux!
Didn't have the means to sell products

Didn't know marketing

Didn't have contacts nor investment
Talk to me, babe
Ideas are worth 0$

No one will steal your idea

Don't ask people to sign NDAs

In the beginning, sign them

People will give you feedback
... but we knew how to make apps
March 2013:
September 2013:
Defined company culture & values
January 2014:
Turned into a consulting company
Never trust
Always with contract

No favours on day one

Hire recommended people

Reduce FOMO
As the company grows, so do the chores

You can't do everything

Delegate, outsource, forget

Focus, focus and then some
Don't multitask
The more hats, the less credibility
Focus drives the team together
Delegate, outsource

Is this helping me succeed?
No: F*ck it.
Yes: Try to merge it.
Just Do It
Want a team? Try this:

Sell MVP while it's being built

Bootstrapping, no investment
(Not yet)
Sales from day one
Kick your sales guy out of the cave...

... and lock him out.

(Feed him from time to time)
You need:
Business cards.
Elevator pitch.
Dress accordingly.
Nice to have:
Good content
An event
Be your own company
Corporate values
What if you fail?
Learn from that
And most of all, whatever you do
Don't undervalue yourself
Avoid these words:

partnership, strategic/investment project, synergies.
Never give up
Share with others
Communicate accordingly
Learn to say
2nd Martian year Lessons learnt
Hola hola!
Co-founder @MarsBased
Regional Director @StartupGrind
Tweet 'hi' -> @lexrodba
Everybody talks about being an entrepreneur and creating companies...
... while others are entrepreneurs
and create companies.
-> They say
they do
-> They say
they do it
Today's talk
Thank you!
very company culture
much meme
such working
many identity
Fragmentation grenade first (diverge)
Find what works (converge)
If you can do it, you can measure it
If you can measure, you can improve it
Once a month
Chat with us on www.bcn-startups.com/
March 2014:
First talk at Ironhack - 1 employee
February 2016:
4th talk at Ironhack - 9 employees + 4 freelancers
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