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Biosecurity Queensland

No description

Elliott Franks

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Biosecurity Queensland

And one more thing... is here The Biosecurity Social Media Community was established to communicate with the Queensland public utilising Social Media Technologies. Initially the communities were used to publish media releases. What the Social Media community has become is much much more. The Digital Solutions team works with Corporate Communications to:
Develop messages for Social Media
Develop strategies to further Biosecurity Queenslands promotion
Engage with customers by answering any queries online
Use new technologies such as Videos, Applications and other emerging technologies
Point people torwards available materials (website, guidebooks etc) Facebook has 48 million users world wide

In Australia
Facebook - 10,703,340 monthly users
YouTube – 11,000,000 monthly UAVs
Twitter – 1,800,000 monthly users

Provide authority

The conversation is happening, we get to choose whether we take part in it. Why How it works Why Social Media The Future Videos Facebook Advertising Flying Fox Forum
Live streaming Comments Hendra Virus June 29, 2011 Growth in 'likes' Facebook YouTube Twitter Engagement Tools BQ Facebook Page
Fans : 2781
Friends of Fans: 588, 202
86% Female 13% Male

BQ Twitter Page
Followers: 692
Lists: 38
Tweets: 356

BQ Youtube Page
Video views: 2002 The numbers
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