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Virtual Book Display: Code Name Verity

A course requirement for TWU LS 5623

Ellen Samples

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Book Display: Code Name Verity

Pilots, Spies, & Friendship in World War II
More about Code Name Verity & Elizabeth Wein
Virtual Book Display by S. Ellen Samples for TWU LS5623
Code Name Verity
by Elizabeth Wein
Set in Nazi-occupied France in 1943, Code Name Verity tells the story of two young British women, a spy and a pilot. This story of heroism, bravery, and true friendship reflects the tragedies and triumphs of World War II and gives readers a realistic glimpse into the past.
"It's like being in love, discovering your best friend" (p. 68)
If you liked Code Name Verity, we recommend . . .
Shortly after the annexation of Lithuania and other Baltic States by the Soviet Union in 1940, fifteen-year-old Lina is taken, along with her family and thousands of other Lithuanians, to work camps in Siberia and eventually the Arctic.
Baed on a true story, this novel tells of a French teenager whose dream of becoming an opera singer leads to her role as a spy for the French Resistance in World War II.
To read an excerpt: http://www.kimberlybrubakerbradley.com
A young Jewish girl in rural Arkansas, Patty develops an unlikely friendship with a German prisoner of war and risks danger by helping him.
As a young African American woman living in the segregated South, Ida Mae must hide her true identity in order to fly planes and help with the war effort.
Hanneke Ippisch was a teenager when she began to help the Dutch Resistance against the Nazis. Years later she recounts her story of espionage and imprisonment in this true story.
An American journalist, Varian Fry spent a year in France before the U.S. entered the war working to rescue Jewish refugees.
In January 1943, 230 women were sent to Auschwitz as punishment for their part in the French Resistance to Nazi occupation. Only 49 would survive to return to France at the end of the war.
Based on the novel by Sebastian Faulks, this film depicts a Scotswoman who becomes a spy in occupied France.
Author website: http://www.elizabethwein.com/
Verity's thoughts on women's roles in the war:
For more of the interview: http://www.carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/shadowingsite/watch.php?authorid=8&questionid=10
Pilots, Spies, and War on the Web:
The Real Air Transport Auxiliary
Video interview with WWII SOE spy Eileen Nearne:
The Real Special Operations Executive
Women Heroes of World War II
Coming Soon:
From the author of Code Name Verity, the story of a young WWII ATA pilot captured and sent to a German prison camp.
Available September 10, 2013
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