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Creative Industries Presentation

SC Bird

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of TV TOUR GUIDE

TV TOUR GUIDE Portal to interactive TV Strategic Vision Launch TV Tour Guide as a viable, enticing and leading market application. Market Leaders 1. Threat of Substitute Products Appendix 4. Bargaining Power of Buyers There are approx 1.5m iPads in Aus (http://delimiter.com.au/2012/02/15/apple-australia-sold- 1-million-ipads-in-2011/)

PwC predicts 5.5m tablets in market by 2015 (www.pwc.com.au/media-centre/2011/entertainment-media-outlook-aug11.htm) Social Content TV Apps: Intonow (US), Miso, Get Glue New Innovations Radical (or disruptive) innovation, is one that changes or evolves the way business has been done in the past and challenges many businesses and industries (Seymour 2012). Christensen et al. (2004, p.293) describes disruptive innovation as ‘new dimensions of performance’ and ‘either create new markets by bringing new features to non-consumers or offer more convenience or lower prices to customers at the low end of an existing market’. In order to survive, firms competing in the industry affected by a disruptive innovation have to be flexible and be able to adapt their business model (Kaplan, 2012). Kaplan (2012) highlights how Tv Tour Guide must be at the forefront of innovation to survive. TV Tour Guide must take note of the changing preferences of consumers and changing strategy of its competitors. 3. Threat of New Entrants Our Strategy Staging: When
Arena: Where
Vehicles: Who and What
Economic Logic:
Budget and Return on investment (Cathy) Differentiators: Key new features Market Leaders Apple is poised to launch a mini iPad, following this US fall of 29 % points in the last year. In 2010, the iPad's first year of release, Apple's market share was 90 % in Australia, which has since declined to about 75 %.

Increased competition from smaller, more affordable 7-inch tablets running Android .

7 In 2011, 81 % of tablet computers owned in the US were iPads. In 2012, the number fell to just 52 % Barriers to Entry Five Forces Freemium Apple TV Content Wars Saturated App Development TV guide ipad applications Source: Itunes Oct 2012 Iphone, Ipad, Android Market Source: www.distimo.com/leaderboards/apple-app-store-for-iphone/australia/lifestyle/paid 20 October 2012 Source: Itunes October 2012 OZ TV FEATURES Source: Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business Review 2008 Five Forces that Shape Strategy 2010 2011 2009 2012 June: GetGlue Mobile App July: Miso IPhone/IPad App Aug: Miso Android App Oct: Foxtel IPad TV Guide Nov: Get Glue Jan:Into Android/Iphone July: OZTV IPhone/IPad Oct: Zeebox UK Nov: IntoNow Ipad App Nov: Fango IPhone/IPad (7) July: Jump-In (9) Aug: GetGlue Ipad App Aug: EyeTV Mobile Sept:Zeebox Expands - US July: Zeebox accounce JV Channel 10 TV Guide apps: OzTV, Foxtel Guide, EyeTV, Zeebox (UK) Australian Network apps: Fango (7) Jump In (9)

All ranked 3.5-5 Stars (Source: itunes October 2012) Jan: Oct: OZTV Top Aust App Ranking Content Wars Free to Air Streaming Youtube & Google Foxtel & Telstra Apple TV Seven, Fango & Yahoo Nine & Jump-In Foxtel Zeebox, BSkyB & NBC Eye Tv Products 2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers On Demand Ten & Zeebox Apple TV - Game Changer 12 month time frame IVPV = - AUD$316,915

24 month time frame
NPV = - AUD$235,374 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Mitigates risk
Market exposure
Cost effective – money and time
‘Builds a story’
Investor interaction
Efficient Crowd Funding 1. Government incentives

2. Equity
- entrepreneur’s savings, house equity etc
- friends and family
- professional investors (high net worth individuals)
- angel investors
- trade investors
- private equity / venture capital > crowd funding

3. Debt
- banks, professional investors Remote Control
One Integrated Ecosystem FINANCING OPTIONS http://appsfunder.com/en

Online crowd funding
Discovers and supports mobile apps
Keep 100% ownership
Provides viral marketing buzz
8% fee for successful Apps Review design against current competitors and the anticipated 2013 launch of Apple TV

Crowdfunding - Apps Funder

Strategic Alliance with ZeeBox

Discontinue business venture Recommendations 650,000 Apps on market

85 % applictionsre free

Avg price of App is US$1.44

zeebox - free

oztv - $2.99
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