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Basinger - State Government

Start Activity about state funding and the dilemma that a lot of state officials face: cut programs or raise taxes.

Matt Basinger

on 22 November 2010

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Transcript of Basinger - State Government

Taxes are too high! I pay sales taxes, property taxes, social security, income taxes, etc. I don't want these to raise more. The big issue today is whether to extend more funding to education or allow school districts to make budget adjustments. We need more funding for educational programs like tutoring, teacher retention, and techological advances. Every student should have their own laptop and teachers should be paid what they deserve. This increase in funding should be accomplished by cutting funding to existing programs. If elected Governor of Missouri, I suggest halting new road construction and making the qualifications for obtaining welfare stricter. Federal stimulus money has paid for most road costs and welfare has been abused by people that don't need it's services. I believe that reducing funding to these programs will free up some money in the state budget to further fund education in Missouri. We all can agree that the education funding crisis needs to be addressed. How do we fund this important aspect of the Missouri State Government budget? We could cut programs like my opponent suggests, however raising taxes would be a sure way to make sure school districts meet their budget shortfalls. I realize that in the time of a poor economy raising taxes could convince people to spend less, hurting our economy more and therefore causing less tax revenue to be collected. But as politicians we need to gauge the lesser of two evils. Should we buck up and tolerate a few cents more in local sales taxes and a few dollars more in state income taxes or should we hurt low income families with welfare reductions and make our roads more unsafe? I say higher taxes is the best for our children and for the other citizens of the great state of Missouri.
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