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Rock Cycle Project

Rock Cycle Project By Justin and Jacob

Jahobo Mcawesome

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Rock Cycle Project

Rock Cycle Project
By Justin (1st per)
& Jacob (3rd per) Sedimentary Igneous Metamorphic Lava/Magma Rock Change Intrusive Extrusive Clastic Chemical Organic Foliated Non-Foliated Rock Cycle Thank You
For Watching
Justin and Jacob's Science Project! Extrusive: When lava is exposed to the Earth's
surface, then it cools to form extrusive rock. Intrusive: When magma cools under the Earth's surface, then it forms into intrusive igneous rock. Without volcanic activity, the other processes in the rock cycle would not occur. Clastic: This is when rock fragments are squeezed together. Organic: This is when the remains of plants and animals are layered thickly. Chemical: This is when minerals dissolve in a solution, then recrystalize to form chemical sedimentary rock. Foliated: It is formed when a metamorphic rock's grain is layered in fine layers. Non-Foliated: Is when the rock's grain pattern is arranged randomly. Magma forms igneous rock. Igneous
rock erodes into fragments to form
sedimentary rocks. Then when heat
and pressure are applied on the
sedimentary rocks it forms
metamorphic rock.
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