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Quality Strategy


Oren Cohen

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Quality Strategy


Also, few more gaps we are currently facing
Software quality concept - Core Parameters :
Relevant gaps to tackle:
Missing technical or domain knowledge (features, functionality)
Unrealistic timeline (schedule, delivery time)
Resource (cost, budget, people)
Knowledge and Scope
AGM is reaching to a place in its life-cycle where top quality becomes a key success factor for it.

BUT - How do we rate quality?

Is Software Quality even measurable ?
How can we quantify quality ?
What are the main aspects needs to be address in order to achieve top quality and full alignment to our target audience?
– Customer understanding
– Field status
– E2E testing approach
Quality Management Main Processes
Improve Customer understanding
Cross product review
E2E testing approach
Thank You
"Quality is not an act but a habit..."
Create an internship plan for QA and R&D in CFRD to improve our development and testing level and adjust it to customer's needs
Establish customers/partners forum in HPLN to share knowledge with field
Collect and test customer DBs as a one of the exit criteria for each release to early detect defects.
Establish a COST plan to deal with early engagements of XS and receive early customer feedback prior to release.
CFRD to publish quarterly reports for field activities, engagements and escalations
Maintain monthly 360 meetings with all relevant stakeholders to get "first hand" feedback for escalations, customer requests and field activities.
Create several checkpoints for each release to review the project deliverable by FA, PM, UX and CFRD.
Build up a product enablement team to lead cross functional testing (e.g. automation, performance, security etc).
Start work in AD1 mode in both R&D and QA as part of the development process.
Maintain usability grade for each feature to make sure it is being reviewed and approved by UX.
Fixing ratio for release is set to 100% U/H and 70% for M/L
QA and R&D will nominate dedicated focal points for resolving CFRD cases in 1 day.
In case a patch will be required the following will take place:
The patch is going to be treated as release (including FF and MR dates)
VT will be nominated to lead the patch as first priority
Target: release a patch in 1 month.
Quality perspective
- Quality is being considered as QA responsibility and is being measured mostly by defects and test cases.
Customer understanding
Missing in both R&D and QA
No reverse feedback from field
No 360 view on the product from quality perspective
Different methodologies
are being adopted by the different teams (e.g. Agile or automation strategy)
No domain experts
for some of the main quality parameters (e.g. performance or automation)
Progress mapping
Current state:
separate efforts for performance testing done in content and application teams with no proper training, knowledge or benchmarks

Plans for Hendrix:

Performance expert in place, ramp up starts.
Performance plan (including relevant benchmark) created
Missing resource

Plans for Ellen:
Ramp up completed
all results being implemented and publish with the product
Current state:
different initiatives in the teams, no continues integration or unified platform and testing is done mostly by QA (no unit testing as part of the development process)

Plans for Hendrix:

Product enablement team in place, ramp up starts
Strategy and guidelines published
Continues integration platform in place
Automation as part of the development process adopted
Automation developer, Strategy plan creation in
progress and process enforcement not started.
Plans for Ellen:
Continues integration implemented for both current platform and NG.
Current state:
Usability is not in the state of mind of both R&D and QA and the only UX in place is not enough to review and monitor the implementations.

Plans for Hendrix:
Nominate UX lead in QA to ramp up the knowledge and monitor the implementations
Set up usability grade to reflect the actual status of each feature from usability perspective.
Complete the planning and grading the top features

Plans for Ellen:
Full usability coverage and grading for the entire content
Summary and AIs
QA & CD Org Chart (IL Only)
Oren Cohen
QA & CD Manager
Ori Bendet
Shay Katz
Lior Avni
Alex Rokhlin
Noam Gefen
Anat Katzaf
Israel Ben Abu
Roy Komemi
Aviran Harom
Defects and Escalations
Hendrix - the last mile is just ahead of us...
Going forward with the agile methodology
Ramp up completion for the new CI/CD agenda
SaaS - Finalize the QA R&R
HDO - what is it all about?
COST - complete the program to collect early feedback
What's next?
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