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Zoella... Fashion and beauty blog

No description

Jaz Hayton

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Zoella... Fashion and beauty blog

Her achievements
What made her start a blog
Zoella's blog
Introduction- About Zoella
Zoella is a fashion, beauty and life related blog. Her full name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, she is 23 years old and has a brother called Joe who also makes YouTube videos. Zoe started the bog when she was 19 in 2009. Zoe chose to write about the things she liked, the things she'd purchased & other opinions on general things. She soon had a small group of people that enjoyed reading what she'd written. The blog now has 1,600,000 readers and is still growing!

Other forms of social networking...
Zoe doesn't just have her blog (Zoella's blog) but also has other social networks you can follow/ read about her... These are...
Pin interest
You can email her
Send letters to her
Summery of an article.
The article I found interesting by Zoe was called school days. The article was about Zoe and what she thought of school. It includes pictures of her at primary school and secondary school. She tells you about how she was a very shy girl unless around her friends and liked to keep to herself. She considered herself as a ‘wallflower’ which is... Someone who would prefer to be on the outside of things, Rather than in the action they'd be a spectator. (If anyone’s seen Perks of being wallflower which is a good movie and I recommend everyone to watch it (by the way) they would know what I’m talking about with the main character in the movie) She enjoyed school but is glad that all the drama is over. I liked this article because it shows me that she doesn’t mind talking about her personal life and gives her honest opinion about everything, no matter what kind of subject it’s about. I like how she tells it as it is and doesn't care what other people think.
Why i chose Zoe...
I chose to do Zoe's blog because i found it very interesting and the topics she talks about i can relate to.
Since joining the site in early February 2007, Zoe has uploaded 115 videos, most of which are about the subjects of cosmetics and beauty but also has some funny blogs and some life related blogs. She has got over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and the views are around 45 million which is an amazing achievement for her and in which she is very proud of.
Here are some pictures of Zoe and her outfits that she puts together and designs.
Here is a video from Zoe's YouTube channel. The video is about Zoe answering some of her vans/readers questions about going to school. It gives some great advice to girls but also boys as well. I liked this video because it gives you advice and Zoe it gives me the impression that she is a very down to earth and caring person, who enjoys getting asked questions and likes helping people out with certain things.
The biggest of her achievements so far this year has got to be hitting 1 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel. On December 24th 2012, she got to 400,000 subscribers. On the 20th April, she hit 1 million subscribers. Zoe said she felt very emotional with everyone congratulating her and now with 1,600,000.
Back in 2007, Zoe started watching YouTube videos and learning all kinds of new things from various makeup gurus. Being very shy and not at all confident, Zoe decided that the best way to get involved in the makeup community and write about something she loved, was to start a blog. So in February 2009, she created "Zoella".
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