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No description

justo rodriguez

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of OPIUM WAR IN CHINA

THE OPIUM WAR IN CHINA SELF-SUFFICIENCY Had extensive mining and manufacturing industries Goods such as rich salt,tin,silver,and iron mines produced great amount of ore Trading Of Goods rich salt tin silver iron mines ore Europeans trying to find a good to trade china , but china was so self- sufficent. until europeans found opium to trade opium opium is a habbit forming narcotic
made from poppy plants.
opium is like heroine and its very addictive.
addicted to opium By 1835 12 million chinese people were addicted
british merchants smuggled opium into china for non-medical use Opium War opium caused great
problems for china
in 1839, china wrote a letter to england asking
them to stop trading with them,
but they refuse to stop trading opium. Consequences of war lost In 1842, china sighed the peace
treaty of nanjing THE OPIUM WAR china had outdated ships
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