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Natural Rubber or Cyanoacrylate?

No description

Jaclyn Leak

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Natural Rubber or Cyanoacrylate?

Natural Rubber or Cyanoacrylate?

The Adhesive Showdown:

* Are synthetic adhesives more sustainable than natural adhesives?
* Are synthetic adhesives more desirable in terms of their properties, strength, cost, environmental impact and safety?

What Makes a successful Adhesive?
Must be able to:
- flow
- adhere
- develop strength
- remain stable
Cis polyisoprene
Structural Features
2 Methyl Cyanoacrylate
Step 1: cyanoacrylate monomer
.....A sticky situation
A natural polymer adhesive
Step 2: Double bond is broken
Step 1: isoprene monomer
Step 3: additional isoprene monomers are joined from the broken double bond
This is addition polymerisation
The shape is linear and uniform
This means it is non polar
Strongest bonds are double bonds
Cis configured hydrogen bonds prevents close interaction
PSA Information
A synthetic adhesive
In the presence of OH- ions the double bonds are broken
Highly electropositive
OH- ions donate an
electron pair to
Addition of monomer
This is anionic polymerisation
Structural Features

Not linear
Rigid and crystalline structure
Is polar
highly electronegative
Strong triple bond
Thermoset Polymers
* set structure
* crystalline and rigid
* cannot be melted or reshaped

The polymers at a glance...
Which polymer comes out on top?
And the winner is.....
2 methyl cyanoacrylate
the stronger, more durable adhesive
To ensure it remains a viable household glue for years to come this polymer's properties should be refined
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