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Céline Theodore Prezumé

Why do I reckon you ought to pick me to be part of your team? Take a peek at this Prezi and find out, we might even be creative mates. And if you're wondering what's with all the kiwi birds, I'd love to tell you all about it.

Céline Theodore

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Céline Theodore Prezumé

I 've been drawing ever since I can remember.
i'm a second
When my Italian mother immigrated to Germany as a kid, she learned another language.
She learned English when she met Dad.
Generation polyglot
university of Florida
I have a Bachelor of Science in and minors in and .
I was born in Stuttgart, Germany into a military family, which means I moved around a lot.
A lot, a lot. I stopped counting after 15 moves.
I started my first doodles as soon as I developed the dexterity to hold a jumbo Crayola crayon.
Mum had the good sense to speak all three languages
[ English, Italian, German ] to us at home, hence I 'm trilingual.
I 'm the one you want when you can't fit your luggage in the trunk.
I lived in Europe ( basically ping ponging between Germany and Italy every three years ) until I was 15 and then I moved to the U.S.
The constant change of environment gave me an inherent flexibility and some serious practical, real-life Tetris skills.
I taught myself , , , , and even a bit of video editing with proficiency and panache.
I learned that design and adverts should be engaging and move people. But more importantly it should fulfill its purpose, whether it’s to inform or to capture its audience. Otherwise it’s just something pretty.
Hi there, my name is Céline and I ’m a graphic artist. This is my story...
A few morsels of my work
If you were wondering how my relationship with art is going, we're definitely going strong. Here are some snippets:
bamboo visions
workout anytime branding
orbit gum campaign
Besides my knack and love for all things visual, I come bearing other gifts:
Speaking of storytelling, I wrote my first book when I was ten years old.
It was about a fairy named Romina on a mission to rid the world of prejudice by imparting kindness and tolerance to all the children of the world.
Let me leave you with my resume and link to my online portfolio: http://www.celinetheodore.com
Hope to hear from you soon, have a beautiful day!
Crazy attention to
Brave multitasker
Super powers enhanced by high pressure situations
Chameleon-like abilities
Sunny disposition
Indomitable spirit
For instance, the word detail is slightly smaller than the rest of the text.
I notice little quirks like that. I can also hang art on walls dead straight without a level. My dad didn't believe me. We made a bet. I hung some art and he got the level out.
He lost.
I can
to any interpersonal environment. I feel comfortable working in a team, leading a team, or even working independently.
So I actually don't have heat vision, but I thrive under pressure. Some of my best work has come out of high-pressure situations.
I love to bake. Many of my baking ventures happen in the dead of night when I 'm so eager to test out a recipe I have to try it out right then...instead of waiting for a more opportune time. One that involves daylight.
I also bring the fruits of my labor to work. I reckon that knocking out an entire French apple tart by myself is a bit greedy, and probably not the healthiest of choices.
I believe that second wind you get when it's dire and vitally important, that second flurry of ideas, that extra push of energy...that is superhuman.
Speaking of storytelling, I wrote my first book when I was ten years old.
It was about a fairy named Romina on a mission to rid the world of prejudice by imparting kindness and tolerance to all the children of the world.
Now you know my synopsis.
And hopefully you know that I would fit right in and make beautiful, effective visual bits for your company.
(nonprofit fREELANCE)
Speaking of storytelling, I wrote my first book when I was ten years old.
It was about a fairy named Romina on a mission to rid the world of prejudice by imparting kindness and tolerance to all the children of the world.
And just for fun, here are some of my
little obsessions:
Here's that French apple tart we were talking about...
All things gastronomic
Obnoxiously large jewelry
Art of pristine clean
Global travel and exploration
Good company
Nocturnal baker
business administration
Italian studies
My absolute favorite thing about my coursework was realizing I could use my art in the real world in a way that affects people.
I learned a lot in school, and even taught myself a few things.
...and here are some of my other nightly baking escapades:
Charlotte Royale
This great love of mine has influenced my life ever since.
Raspberry Tiramisù
bamboo visions
I created promotional solutions ( logos, T-shirts, hats, posters and even disc golf Frisbees ) for the first disc golf tournament in St. Augustine, Fl.
This event was aimed at introducing “the newest sport in the oldest city,” and a portion of the proceeds of the tournament went to local organizations that help improve the community.
I have done freelance graphic design for Workout Anytime, a gym franchise.
I was able to create cohesive and eye-catching branding that engages customers and gets them informed and excited about fitness.
Branding was created for three franchise locations.
Promotional solutions included outdoor advertising, direct mail, posters, banners, event promotions, and menu boards.
I was also able to devise social media strategies for the future of the brand that will engage customers, keep them motivated, and educate them about fitness and health.
Pottery Barn
Another current project of mine is creating signage and graphics for Pottery Barn at Uptown in Albuquerque.
I create graphics for seasonal events are that aimed at driving business and increasing sales.
Williams-Sonoma often partners with Pottery Barn for these seasonal events.
Typically for these events I will create printed signage and web invitations.
Some of these events include: a Bridal Soirée,
Pottery Barn Housewarming Event, Fall in Love with Layers,
and a Holiday Open House
Pottery Barn
Currently, I am heading the branding of Bamboo Visions,
a company that specializes in master craftsmanship and custom bamboo furniture.
I redesigned the look of the brand to reflect a modern and fresh feel that still evokes the tropical character that has been part of the brand for over 15 years
The branding includes a new website, logos, a nontraditional business card design made of bamboo, T-shirts, and social media.
All of the executions are cohesive and communicate the strengths and characteristics of the brand.
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