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Teen Pregnancy Timeline

Mrs. Mack 5th pd. English class

Taylor Hinds

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy Timeline

Teen Pregnancy Timeline
Schools for Pregnant and Parenting Teen Girls
There are schools that have been founded specially for pregnant and parenting teen girls. These are all girl schools to erase the distraction of boys for these girls so that they are able to focus on their education, children, and their futures. One such school is Lady Pitts High School, founded in 1970. Alumni to Lady Pitts, Shirley Anderson said, "This school was smaller and there were no boys--no distractions"
Sixteen and Pregnant
The popular MTV show Sixteen and Pregnant aired in 2009. Once this show aired, the teen birth rate was at an all time low. The TV show shows the hard lives of teen moms and how real and terrible teen/unplanned pregnancies can be.
Anti-Teen Pregnancy Ads
There has been a large controversy over these teen pregnancy ads came out this past year. Many people believe that they are shaming teens for having children.
Many people wrote to the New York mayor,
saying things such as"Hurting and shaming
communities is not what's going to bring teen
pregnancy rates down," The mayor responded
with "it's past time to be value neutral about
teenage pregnancy and it is important to send a
strong message that teen pregnancy has
consequences -- and those consequences are
extremely negative, life-altering and most often disproportionately borne by young women."

Title IX is very important to the rights of pregnant teens. This amendment made it illegal for schools to discriminate against pregnant and parenting teens, along with girls who decided to abort their baby. This amendment made it illegal for schools to not allow them participate in school activities, or even expel them from school for being pregnant, having a child, or aborting their child.
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