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Sister Analysis

No description

Katrina Debbink

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Sister Analysis

De La Garza Sisters Analysis Gertrudis This represents Gertudis because I think Gertrudis is the rebel of the family. The one who decides that its okay to disobey her mother and finds her strength. Rosaura This picture represents Rosaura because she wants the proper
family. She represents the proper stereotype. Yet, I think that
this family seems too "perfect." It appears even fake. I think
that this represents Rosaura. She just wants the look of a perfect
family, but underneath the family is far from perfect. Tita Tita is the "good wife" stereotype. She is the cook, and she cleans, and basically takes care of everyone else. Just like a good wife is supposed to do she puts everyone before herself. I think that Esquivel is trying to show how limited the choices
for women were. There was no way to avoid the sterotypes as
socetiy automatically labels the character as such. Therefore,
it is impossible for the character to escape their label because
that is all people see them as. It is interesting though, that each character clearly is supposed to represent a sterotype; however, it is also clear that there is so much more to each character as well. I think that Esquivel is trying to show the negative effects of labeling the women through this protrayal of characters who rise above their stereotypes.
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