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Job Search and Networking Tips

No description

Lila Pulsford

on 5 July 2018

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Transcript of Job Search and Networking Tips

If only someone would give me a chance...
If only I could just have a bit of luck...
If I could just get my foot in the door...
Fall down seven times, get up eight.
Attitude is everything
Group 1:

100% physical

Group 2:
75% physical training with 25% mental training
Group 3:
50% physical training with 50% mental training
Group 4:

25% physical training with 75% mental training
Harvard Business School's Amy Cuddy and Columbia's Dana Carney recently published research about the effects of body posture. They found that by holding oneself in a "power pose" for as little as two minutes makes people feel measurably more powerful and willing to take risks.
It's not just in your head: holding a power pose actually changes your hormones, increasing testosterone, a hormone that makes you feel dominance, and decreasing cortisol, a stress hormone.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/harvard-amy-cuddy-power-pose-research-2012-10#ixzz2KkE0Ot3I
Job Search Strategies
Silent Generation: 1925 - 1945
Baby Boomers: 1945 - 1965
Generation X: 1966-1983
Millennials: 1984 - 2000
“…after long periods of time on the internet, digital natives display poor eye contact and a reluctance to interact socially…”
“…long-term exposure to electronic environments is reconfiguring young people's neural networks and possibly diminishing their ability to develop empathy, interpersonal relations, and nonverbal communication skills…”
“There are also different face-to-face skills required to engage in a SKYPE interview or Google+ hangout or on-line class or taking it further to a virtual second life type engagement.”

“There are many non-verbal cues one can learn to recognize in social media - that some of the digital immigrants may struggle more with - cues such as timing, frequency, perhaps icons and #'s and engagement level. Engaging in a tweet-up, managing a FB community effectively, even posting a discussion item in LI also required a different set of non-verbal skills.”

Tara Orchard
The self is not something one finds; it is something one creates.

Thomas Szasz
Top Skills
verbal communication
written communication
people skills
flexible, "can-do" attitude
sound academic achievement
___ 1.) I have so much in life to be thankful for.
___ 2.) If I had to list everything that I felt grateful
for, it would be a very long list.
___ 3.) When I look at the world, I don't see much to
be grateful for.
___ 4.) I am grateful to a wide variety of people.
___ 5.) As I get older, I find myself more able to
appreciate the people, events, and situations
that have been part of my life.
___ 6.) Long amounts of time can go by before I feel
grateful to something or someone.
Based on sample of 1224 adults. Survey designed by Michael McCullogh and Robert Emmons. Courtesy: "Authentic Happiness" by Martin Seligman, Ph.D.
1.) Add up your scores for 1,2,4 and 5.
2.) Write down the total for questions 1,2, 4 and 5. Total =

3.) REVERSE your score for questions
, like this:


4.) Write down the total for questions 3 and 6. Total =
5.) Add both totals.
6.) Final Total = Your Score
Gratitude Survey
1 = Strongly disagree
2 = Disagree
3 = Slightly disagree
4 = Neutral
5 = Slightly agree
6 = Agree
7 = Strongly agree
Changing your Brain
"talkin' 'bout my generation"
There is a big difference between being a student and being a paid employee
what problems do you solve?
how do you help?
what is the most important thing you want people to remember about you?
15 seconds max
What do Employers think?
Career Decisions
Transitioning from
school to sustainable
employment is intertwined
with growing up and
becoming a self-enabling
adult and is not a
straightforward journey.

Failure and setbacks are normal
Optimism - what are the 5 biggest influences?
love life
social life
family life
Knowing Yourself
Knowing the Market

Neuroplasticity refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, emotions, as well as changes resulting from bodily injury.
1. Write down your negative thoughts (James Pennebaker)
2. Establish a routine
3. Talk to people
interest = motivation = achievement
When you know
you really want to learn, and
, it makes a huge difference to motivation and achievement.

Courtesy: Heather Carpenter
In a room full of people, just find 1 person who you would genuinely like to get to know
Keep the circle open - allow others to join
Google keynote speakers beforehand
Be the first to say hello
Be the first to extend your hand for a handshake
Use people's names often - it helps for remembering
Ask questions
Never glance around the room when someone is speaking to you - give them your full attention
Exit lines: "I really enjoyed meeting you. Here's my business card so that we can stay in touch."
People with a "below-the-line" attitude believe that everything is out of their control and that their success in life is a result of fate / luck / or other people's actions. When you are "below-the-line" you will ask:

Why didn't they do it right?
Why don't people just do what they are supposed to?
Who dropped the ball?
Who is going to solve this problem?

Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset
Are you sure you can do it? Maybe you don't have the talent.

What if you fail? - you'll be a failure!"

If you don't try, you can protect yourself.
I'm not sure if I can do it now, but I think I can learn to with time and effort

Most successful people had failures along the way.

If I don't try, I automatically fail.
Time and Effort
Don't expect everything at once: at the beginning, do not be too demanding - networking is not about blatant self-promotion or asking for immediate favours - instead, it is about meeting people and learning from them
Career Stage Quiz
Mostly ticked "Rarely" =
Career Slowed

You are likely to be at risk of underemployment and dissatisfied with where you are at present

Mostly ticked "Sometimes" =
Career Resilient

You are likely to be progressing and moving towards employability and career satisfaction

Mostly ticked "Often" =
Career Connected

You are likely to be achieving goals, have the work you want and are mostly happy with it

All of these occupations have average course fee costs (10-18K). Which has the best job prospects?
Graphic Designer
Software Developer
All of these occupations earn high wages. They also all have high course fees. Which has the best job prospects?
All of these have low course fees. Which has the best job prospects?
Career Messages

From Parents / Teachers / Family / Friends/ Media

You should be a...
You should not be a....
You would be good at...
You would never be able to...
You'll make good money if you....
You'll never get a job as a...
Follow your dream to...
It's not realistic to follow your dream to...

People with an "above-the-line" attitude believe that they have control over their beliefs, attitudes and actions. When you are "above-the-line" you will ask:

What did I do to contribute to this situation?
How can I help improve this situation?

The secret to using your network is
TELLING your network
what you're up to and asking for

Your network is:

Your family and friends
People you work with
People your friends and family work with
People you were close to, but lost touch with
People you don't know well, but that could be good contacts for new opportunities
People you would like to meet

Specific help you might ask for:

Introductions to people they know
Job hunting advice
Information about the company they work for or have worked for
CV feedback

How Change Happens
The ABC of Success
CV Tips
Freelance work: upwork.com, freelancer.co.nz
Meet-Ups: colab.aut.ac.nz, meetup.com
“The person who gets the gig is the person who knows how to hang. Nobody hires you because you’re the best musician.” —Larry Legend.
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