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Of the Gene

No description

Christine Hilliard

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Of the Gene

Genetics of Aging Presented By: Christine Hilliard and Loni Lebanoff ` -Hayflick Limit -End of Replication Problems? Telomere Shortening Prolonged proliferation leads to decreased telomere length Who's this Armanios Guy? Genetically modified mice to have shorter telomeres Mitochondrial Mutations ATP Deletions, Insertions
Oxidative Damage Why more Mutations in mtDNA DNA PolG Random Segregation Mutation Rate 100x higher than nuclear DNA Wallace! Discovered Connection Between mtDNA and Aging Observed accumulations of mtDNA deletions
in heart and brain Daf-2 SIR-2 Proteins Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome Genetic disorder caused by mutations in LMNA gene

Rapid appearance of aging during childhood Codes for Lamin A and C Codes for Lamin A and C Codes for Lamin A and C Oxidative Damage Do We Really Know How Aging Works? Let's ask Brooke!
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