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May 8, 2014

No description

Whitney Milliken

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of May 8, 2014

If a person eats hurriedly and barely chews his food before swallowing it, what effect will it likely have on his stomach?
A. His stomach will have to excrete enzymes to digest carbohydrates as well as those to digest protein
B. His stomach will pass the food directly on to his large intestine without digesting it.
C. His stomach will become infected because there was not time for his saliva to sterilize his food completely.
D. His stomach will take longer to grind the food into chyme than if he had ground it well with his teeth.
Be sure to know the parts of the brain
Which of the following best describes an example of a specific immune response to pathogens?
A. Cytotoxic T cells are activated and destroy cells that pathogens have invaded.
B. Fever increases body temperature and speeds up the body's reaction to pathogens.
C. Phagocytes identify cells invaded by pathogens and mark them for destruction.
D. Mucus traps pathogens and destroys them before they can enter the body.
Rabies is a deadly disease that progresses rapidly. What type of treatment would be best for a person who has not been vaccinated for rabies and has been bitten by a raccoon with rabies?
A. The person should be given vitamins and advised to exercise to boost the immune system.
B. The person should be isolated to see if they develop the symptoms of rabies.
C. The person should be injected with antibodies from a rabies-vaccinated person right away.
D. The person should be vaccinated for rabies immediately so that an immunity will develop.
Time to Test!
7.08 DBA - due 5/7
7.08 Exam - due 5/9
May 8, 2014
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