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No description

Tiffany Hackman

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Tiffany

My favourite things.
This presentation will include Tiffany's friends,pets,favourite things and family.
My name is tiffany and my favourite game is moviestarplanet!My favourite colour is purple.I have a sister called Scarlet and she is very naughty.
My cat's favorite colour is green i know because he always eats grass and hangs around green stuff so im guessing his favourite colour is green.Oh,and im obviously his favourite person!
Taz Mania Devil
this is my cat i call him taz!(tazzy)!
Your about to enter the amazing world of Tiffany...

Lee-Ann has been my best friend for nearly 3 years and her favourite colour is
Rhian has been my
friend since nursery.Her
favourite colour is
purple.Rhian has
guinea pigs called Ronnie
and Roxy.I talk to Rhian
on skype.
Jamella has been my friend for a year and a half she is a good friend and her favourite colour is blue.Jamella also has a black cat.
Stevie(Jamella's cat)
My favourite food is mcdonalds also pizza!!!!
My favourite animal is a baby jaguar
One of my friends is called Ali and one's called Teo they are both friends also i talk to them on skype.
We also talk on skype.
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