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Artemis Fowl SSR Project

Sam Scott 2012 Ms. Hrin LA Accelerated P1

Sam Scott

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Artemis Fowl SSR Project

Artemis Fowl
SSR Project by Sam Scott I got this book from my cousin as a birthday present. Artemis Fowl was written by Eoin Colfer Born May 14th, 1965 Grew up in Wexford Ireland He has written the "Artemis Fowl" series, and companion books, as well as: Benny Shaw O'Brien Flyers The Supernaturalist Legend of... Series Witness Anonymous Relocation Program Half Moon Investigations The Wish List Plugged Airman He had five brothers and a teacher for a father. He loves comic books, especially Batman... He was going to quit writing after Artemis Fowl because he needed more money to support him, his wife, and his two sons. And what is a story without a plot? Artemis Fowl the Second comes from a family of infamous male criminals. His grandfather, father and now, him, made the Fowl fortune from illegal ingenious plans. Artemis Fowl Senior, Artemis' father, tried to move the family into good graces by converting the fortune to trade business with Russia. But when his ship explodes and he is taken for dead, Artemis must find a way to make a new fortune. For years, 12-year-old Artemis and his bodyguard Butler have been searching for the existence of faeries, while Artemis prepares to set his mastermind plan top steal their gold in action. When he steals the Book, or the fairy rule-book, from a fairy in Ho-Chi-Min city, he is able to translate it. He stakes out a site and captures Captain Holly Short of LEPrecon, as she tries to replenish her magic. As he locks her up in the Fowl Manor and holds her for ransom, and her friends from Haven city, the fairy capital of the 'under'world, arrive, he may not be able to defeat the fairies as easily as he had thought. I loved this book. The way Artemis is so calm and prepared, like when he captures Holly, and simply counters her sharp tongue with his knowledge of the book, makes me fascinated. I also love Holly, because once she gets to know Artemis, she can unnerve him in the simplest ways possible -- humor and sarcasm. If I were to write a prequel, it would be about Artemis' great-great-grandfather and how and why he turned to a life of crime. I would choose this since it never really explained why in the series. It only mentioned him being a pirate once. Real Book Cover My Cover
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