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Culturally Diverse Students

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Heather Glazebrook

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Culturally Diverse Students

Culturally Diverse and Gifted
Why Should We Care?
Culture comes from experiences gained throughout your life. “Culture is a man’s medium. This means personality, how people express themselves, and the way they think” (Hollins, 1996).

What does it mean to be
culturally diverse?
“What is valued and viewed as gifted in one culture may not be considered gifted in another culture" (Ford, 2004).

If we are culturally diverse,
then how do you recognize giftedness?

Task Commitment

Sense of Humor

So, how do I know if this student is gifted;
How do they not fit a "traditional" model?
What are the special needs of the culturally diverse

and how can these needs be addressed?
How can we help this special population
and why should we care?
Let's think perception for a moment

Puerto Rican
West African
• All white Americans are obese, lazy, and dim-witted.

• all Mexicans are lazy and came into America illegally.

• All Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.

• All Blacks outside of the United States are poor.

• All Jews are greedy.

• All Asians are good at math.

• All Irish people are drunks.

Common Sterotypes
Changing Perceptions
Who needs to??

Education system

Tony's Story
Use of Language

Self Efficacy

Problem Solving

Asynchronous Maturity
Look for the following characteristics:
Academically challenging environment

Highly qualified teacher

Student centered learning environment

Variety of learning styles

Resources and training for teachers and admin
Thank you for your time
and consideration for our
culturally diverse gifted learners

Heather Glazebrook
Steven Horzewski
Kerae Joonsar

Antoinette Mcgarey

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