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The Mystery Of Allegra

No description

Joana Sureda

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of The Mystery Of Allegra

Characters Allegra I:
She is a ghost, she has blond hair
and blue eyes. She wants that Adrian take
her to her mum. Adrian:
He is the principal character and he
helped Allegra I and Allegra III. Allegra II:
She is small girl, she is five years old, she has brown curly hair and brown eyes. She lives in the Villa Henderson. Allegra III:
She is five years old, she has brown
hair and brown eyes too. She lives in
Italy. Byron:
He is Allegra's I father, he is
poet and he sent Allegra to a
convent school. Summary When Adrian's family were driving a dark road in big rain, they found the villa Henderson. They decided to stay there.
When Adrian went to bed, a girl entered his room and woke him up. Her name was Allegra and she asked him to take her to her mother. Next morning he talked with Chiara, Allegra’s mother, about that night. She called Allegra and she came. But she was different from the Allegra I that he met last night. This night he met Allegra I again and she asked same thing. Then he knew where her mother was, at Bagno Ripoli, near Florence.
On April 21st the second Allegra died for terrible fever. She was five years and three months old.
When he was eighteen, he went to university. In spring he went Italy and stayed in Florence with an Italian family. They had a daughter called Allegra.
At that night the third Allegra suffered from fever. The date was April 20th. She was going to die on the next day. In this night Allegra I appeared and she said that she could help Allegra III, but Adrian should take her to her mother. Her mother was in Bagno Ripoli. Hurried Adrian took Allegra I and they went to the mother’s tombstone. When they arrived there, Allegra I cried happily and disappeared.
Next morning the third Allegra got to be better. Personal opinion I really like this book, is a
bit strange, but has a very nice
end. Joana Sureda Prats

2º ESO D.
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