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NLM Delegates Booklet

made with love by Phi :D

Oraianthi Toumazatou

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of NLM Delegates Booklet

Budapest San
Francisco FantasiOCi welcomes you on board NLM 2013 Delegates'
NLM runs 12th - 16th of January What to bring: Need to know: IN FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT!!! AIESEC Airlines has a strong and proud history of the best on-board parties...
NLM13 will be no exception! Congratulations.. you've survived another apocalypse!
This party is a celebration of our survival and total bravery! What do I wear???
get creative - what does the word apocalypse mean to you?
We want to see Zombies, people who've barely survived...
You could come as an Earth-shattering comet and maybe we'll even find some Ancient Mayans! Guess what?!?

Lets show it at the Global Village Party!

This is the party where we can really embrace 'living diversity!'

What do you wear?
Something that identifies you as another country...
Think traditional country dress... did you pick up something while on your exchange? Is there a culture that you adore?

This is your chance to be anything from your fave Anime character to a Bollywood Superstar to a Hula Dancing Hawaian. If A is for Apple... what does the first letter of your name mean for you???

Teach us how you ABC at the Alphabet Party! What do you wear???
Take the first letter of your name and find any word/thing/profession that starts with the same letter... Then theme your outfit around this
for eg. Iris could dress as an Ice-Skater... or an Igloo or anything super cool like that... Lets not lie, we know you were cool before cool was even cool... you following? (and not just on Instagram)

The final party of NLM '13 is the Hipster Party... so dust of that twirly mustache, grab your tightest jeans and the t-shirt of your favorite band (that doesn't exist yet)

Bonus points for thick-rimmed lens-less glasses and vintage pull-overs, check this emergency kit if you feel you need more inspiration! Meet the Cabin Crew Your Captain and Co-Pilot (NLM OCP and CM) The On-board Crew
(The super-sexy-FantaciOCi) Flight-Trackers
(Faciliators) How to get there: Wait what chair? Not your seat re!
THEEEEE CHAIRS??? Thank you for choosing FantaciOCi Airlines!
We hope you have a pleasant flight! "Unleashing your power!" The easiest way to get there is from the Syggrou-Fix metro station and then take any bus (that's heading south) -except the E22- for 2 stops.

You need to check-in at the hotel before 10:00 am!! Delegate Fee: 135 €
Hotel Address: Kallirois 72 & Syggrou
Check-in Before: 9:30- 10:00 am
Your mother loves you. Party Costumes
Comfy conference attire
Water Bottle
Positive Attitude But what is NLM??? YOU DON'T KNOW YET?!
(Shakes head disapprovingly) Brief Introduction to NLM:
Our National Legislation Meeting
Open only to Current & Elect VPs, MC and MC Applicants
LC Take-over (VP elects taking the reins)
AND MCP & MCVP 2013-2014 Elections (YAY!)
Celebrating our success over the past year! It's a secret ;) Chillout lounge....
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