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Light and Waves

No description

CJ Scott

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Light and Waves

Introduction to Light and Waves
Academic Vocabulary
is the common term for electromagnetic (EM) radiation, which travels through
. There are 7 types of EM radiation:
radio waves



, &

Creating a Scientific Model
4)Express the new frequency of the boat (from question 2) in Hz and in s :
Part V
Vocabulary Practice
Electromagnetic SLAP!
Learning Goals:
-I know that EM waves carry energy through space and how that energy is related to the wavelength and frequency of a wave.

-I can make a scientific model of the EM spectrum and understand how we use EM radiation in our everyday lives.
Together, they make up the electromagnetic
. EM radiation is classified by
or frequency.
Longest wavelength?
Wavelength is the
between high points of 2
waves, while frequency is a measure of the
of waves passing through a point every
Work with your partner to answer the
True or False Questions
on your paper.
How do your answers compare?
Part I
Math Skills Practice
1)A person sitting in a boat records one upward and one downward motion every 1 second. How many waves are passing his boat each second?
[f] is equal to the number of waves that pass through a point in 1 second. The unit of frequency is called a Hertz [Hz] and is equal to 1/s or 1s.
Answer the following questions:
2)The wind picks up and the boat is now traveling up and down 10 times every 5 seconds. What is the new frequency of the water waves?
3)Express the original frequency of the boat (from question 1) in Hz and in s :
Part II
f = n/s
Part III
Highest frequency?
Shortest wavelength?
Lowest frequency?
Part IV
Historical Views of Light
But it was Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961) who figured it out: Light is made out of particles called photons, but it behaves exactly as a wave does.
This phenomenon is called
Wave-Particle Duality
Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) believed light was a wave. He was able to describe how light bends as it travels through various materials, like glass and water.
Isaac Newton (1642-1727) believed light consisted of particles. He was able to show that white light can be separated into all the colors of the rainbow and vice-versa.
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Choose the 10 most important words from this lesson and write them down.
Use each word in an informative sentence. You'll need a minimum of
5 sentences
Light and Color
Part V
All types of EM radiation travel at 3 x 10 meters per second. Light can travel from the Sun to us in about
8 minutes.
Speed of light =
300,000 km/s
or about
671 million mph
Only about
of the EM spectrum is visible light.
What would you name a rainbow?
JAMES CLERK MAXWELL (1831-1879) was able to was able to mathematically confirm Faraday's assumptions - that light is actually composed of
electric and magnetic fields and that this
occurs at a finite speed - the
speed of light
Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867) ) was able to was able to show experimentally that electricity and magnetism were
through some invisible "force field". He showed that electric currents could produce magnetism and magnets produce electricity.
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