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Copy of Worker's Compensation Care

No description

Mary Jo Capodice

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Worker's Compensation Care

Return to Work Factors
Limitations versus Restrictions
Limitations: are activities an individual “CAN’T” do due to :
Anatomic: amputation, contracture
Physiologic: vision, hearing, sensory loss
Subjective: Pain, fatigue, dizziness, imbalance
Motivation: ‘secondary gain’ (attention, $$$); stress, FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real-”Hurt versus Harm”; anticipatory pain

Effective Patient Care for the
Worker's Compensation Patient

Physician/APP role
Injured Worker
Best Case Scenario
The Employer
What You Can Do
Treatment Tactics
Open communication with treating medical providers
Open communication with employee
Supervisor of employee checks in with employee regarding ability to do job
Open communication with insurance company
Try to bridge conflict between employee and insurance company

Slow To Recover Patients
Assess/Diagnose the patient
Determine causation (physician only)
Communicate treatment plan to patient
Write activity restrictions
Write prescriptions
Set up diagnostic testing
Communicate to employer
Communicate treatment plan to insurance company
Schedule follow up appointment
What can you do as the employer?

Employee does not get injured!
Injury is report asap
Employee goes to medical provider
Medical provider is given information regarding the injury and job from the employer
Medical provider determines causation with all of the facts from the patient and the employer
Effective treatment is prescribed
Employee (patient) is given activity(work) restrictions
Employer is able to accommodate the restrictions
Employee (patient) follows treatment plan
Employee (patient) heals and returns to work without any permanency
Comply with reporting
Help employee obtain medical care, if needed after injury
Provide medical provider with first report of injury
Accommodate work restrictions
Keep in contact with employee to support
Be in contact with medical provider, if needed
Question length of care/restrictions, if needed

The Law in Wisconsin
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