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Valassis overview

basic tree top level of Valassis, shared mail, Brand.net, ROP and NCH

Tracy DeGraff

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Valassis overview

Shared Mail
Consumers Who Visited Restaurants
in the Past Six Months Use Advertising Mail

The end
158 Children featured on Valassis products
were reunited with their families thanks
to the power of photo programs like ours.
RedPlum® Have You Seen Me®?
Our Most Compelling Program
Reaching 9 out of 10 households Red Plum is eagerly anticipated by shoppers every week. Ads from several clients within a mailing radius are combined into one package and delivered to consumers’ mailboxes. The cost of postage and handling are shared among participating clients resulting in a very low cost per household. Saturate markets or target to neighborhoods for just pennies-per-household.

Wrap Ads
Approximately 500 Wrap Zones in Valassis owned geographies across the country

Weekly or Non weekly availability determined by market

Broad reach mass saturation targeted

Distributed by zones containing roughly 60,000 to 200,000 Households per zone

Sold by the page – Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Front, Inside Back, Double Truck (Inside Front + Inside Back) and the Billboard

Very low cost of just pennies per household
Who Is Valassis?
Valassis is a full-range media and marketing services company employing “intelligent media delivery” which enables clients to reach consumers how, when and where those consumers are most receptive to our client’s advertising messages maximizing response and ROI.

Known to consumers via RedPlum® media vehicles

A proprietary approach to targeting with
Sub-ZIP Code “neighborhood” platform

45+ years experience delivering value to
clients and consumers
We provide scale - National platform
with local expertise
Over 58,000 advertisers
One of the nation’s leading printers

We Can Help You Identify Customers

We match each IP address with over 135 million unique devices, 130 million email addresses

We reach 75 million households physical postal addresses collected over the years

Reaching 90%+ of residential Advertising Targeting Zones hot spots

Our platform matches thousands of IP and HH addresses every day, partnering with major banks, eCommerce website, and Internet service providers

Seamless Targeting Integrates Print and Digital
We can engage consumers along their
path to purchase with measurable media.

Our media delivers value in the places consumers regularly look: mailbox, newspaper, online and mobile.

No other media company integrates programs across all these value touch points like Valassis.

Visible: Stand alone; independent of the highly anticipated RedPlum Wrap.

Affordable: 1:1 customized mail at saturation price.

Available. Access to data on over 60 million households in most mid-to-major DMAs.

Exclusive. Only one card mailed per HH per mailing date.

Reliable: 2-3 day delivery window

Ultra-personal variability: Change names, messages,
images, offers or any combination on a house-by-house
basis – you decide.

Exceptional response: Simply personalizing a mailer with
a person’s name can increase response by as much as 44%*

Measurable: Track response by address.

Capture data via smart bar codes, QR codes, etc.

Easy: Simplified process.

High consumer engagement due to relevancy and popularity
Short lead times – be in homes within a month
Hyper-local, pinpointed targeting enhances ROI
Provide your own inserts or rely on our award-winning printing services
Expertise in orchestrating complex franchise/region-based print promotions
Flexibility in versioning, paper, size, formats and delivery choices

single-source solution
for creative, printing and delivery

Shared Mail Inserts
Americans Average 3+ devices

Different devices dominate at different times of day

Precise targeting across devices
Valassis Digital stays with your consumer along the path of purchase with uniform targeting across all devices

Valassis Digital campaigns - alone or integrated with print -
are geo-behavior based and influence consumers along their path to purchase

Vast experience in the industry
Agency focused systems
Experience negotiating contracts
Newspaper focused buying teams
Large newspaper database
Geo-targeting capabilities
Marketing data resources
Placement Verification Reporting
e-housing – (electronic proof of performance/tearsheets)
One order, one bill

Why use Valassis for ROP?
ROP Specialty Product Options

Adhesive Notes - “Post-it” note custom printed with your ad and affixed to the front page of the newspaper/section.

Gatefold – Extension of a page that folds outward from the center of paper. Typically attached to the comic section.

Spadea – Four-color, on 1-sided or 2-sided broadsheet page partially Wrapping the comics or other section of the paper.

Kraft Wraps – 1 or 2-sided broadsheet page that can be used as a “jacket” for inserts or distributed as an insert.

TV Books – gatefolds, spadea, pop-out/tab, back cover ad options available on the paper’s TV book.

Strip/Banner Ads – On-page advertising that runs across the bottom width of a section’s front page.

Ears – Advertisement run in the top corner of a section’s front page.

Pull-out special sections – printed separately and inserted in the

Creative ad units--Adscapes.

Value & Savings with
the RedPlum® Co-op FSI
Distributed to over 60 million households nationwide through quality newspapers and direct mail to maximize coverage and consumer response.

Delivered 40 plus times a year

Activate consumers and see measurable results

Select markets or full national coverage via newspaper

Reliable ROI and minimal cost per coupon redeemed

In-house printing allows control over production process

Category exclusive
Client testimonials
Proud Partner of the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children for 31 years.
Of the more than 3,450 children featured, over 2,000 have been recovered, thanks to the power of photo programs like ours and other efforts, including recoveries directly credited to Valassis’ RedPlum® Wrap

Our “Have You Seen Me” program circulates billions of featured children's photos each year.

Acquisition Email
Valassis Offline Data Expertise
Valassis has 40+ years experience studying household data and segmenting the physical world based on where consumers live. We are experts in using offline demographic, lifestyle and purchase habits to score HHs, neighborhoods and markets to create efficient and effective media plans for our clients.

Merging Mobile First Data
Dstillery is an exclusive digital data partner, providing billions of real-time data signals from web and app behaviors, as well as mobile locations. Merging this best-of-breed data intelligence allows us to build holistic audience segments for a true picture of your current and potential customers and to stay connected to key prospects anywhere they go.

Unique Combination of Offline & Online Data to create a richer, accurate consumer profile

Dynamic Mobile
Local geography matters-
bridges print and digital
Zero in on high-indexing neighborhoods across all media and devices
Advertising Targeting Zones (ATZs) improve precision and efficiency
38,000 Zip Codes 48,000 print ATZs 105,000 digital ATZs
Based on 3,763 consumer responses from January-December 2015. Newspaper data reflects readership of any local or metro daily/Sunday newspaper in a 7-day period. Note: includes eat-in and take out. Source: Advertising Readership & Response Tracking Study. TNS Custom Studies.
Dynamic Mobile
With dynamic mobile ads, impressions are relayed in real time when preferred customers are near a store location.
Keep users engaged by serving ads that speak specifically to their current location, providing convenience and relevancy to each individual.
User Experience
Customer clicks on the banner ad, expanding the full view of offer with real-time mapping options to call location, get directions, or visit website. Expandable panel saves time and effort versus being directed to another site
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