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No description

gman gardner

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of robotics

Engineering Process
Software (EasyC) Lessons Learned
Our sponsor is
British Petroleum (BP)

The company donated funds for tools and shop equipment. Sponsors D Other Pictures
of Community Outreach www.ccisd-wired.com Website L Parts of our robot:
Base and Winch
VEX Cortex
Electronics (motors, servos, and wiring) Deployment Construction/Production Concept Exploration AV Concept Exploration Full fuel tank
Up uni-strut (Summit) (2)
Empty Tank
Mount full fuel tank (7)
Down uni-strut
Mount empty tank (5+4)
Rapid turn around (1) Game Strategy WIRED Thanks You! WIRED would like to acknowledge our faculty advisor and engineering mentors:
Lisa Pfeifer/Westbrook Intermediate School
Steve Knerr/ExxonMobil
Robert Hester/Barrios Technology
Les Quiocho/NASA Johnson Space Center
Joey Barcio/AECOM

WIRED would like to acknowledge the parent volunteers that helped us accomplish our goals. Acknowledgments "If it fits, it ships!" We have produced a working model of the robotic transport vehicle for the DARPA Space Elevator Program within budget and on time. T-Shirts
Team Flags
School Mascots
Noise Makers
Raffling Custom Hardhats Team Spirit and Products Construction of Arm/End Effector Production of Base Attachment Construction/Production Engineering Drawings
Brainstorming ideas – design approach
Selected design
Influence design
Refined design Development and Design WAVE Integrated Robotics Engineering Division
Texas BEST Team #24 WIRED For our community outreach, WIRED visited Brookwood Elementary, and described all the aspects of a BEST Robotics competition. We also demonstrated last year's robot to kindergarten through fifth grade students. Fifth graders especially, were encouraged to join a robotics team in intermediate school. Community Outreach Deployment Preliminary Design Sub-Teams League City Intermediate sold wristbands which read "LCIS Robotics" to students at their school while Westbrook Intermediate sold jeans day passes to the students at their school. Fundraising Winch Drawing Base Attachment Drawing Base Attachment Drawing Base Chassis Drawing End-Effector Drawing Our team used these fundraisers to generate awareness about BEST and robotics. Engineering Process Our corporation can complete the task of climbing the space elevator, safely transporting the fuel bottles from earth to the mid-way station and back. Here is why.... Budget We are WIRED Corp. and remember: Males: 24
Females: 13

6th Graders: 21
7th Graders: 7
8th Graders: 8

Our corporation consists of Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites. Demographics
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