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Creative Writing

No description

Simone Pope

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Creative Writing

On a clean page in your exercise books
Write CREATIVE WRITING in the centre of the page.
This is your MIND MAP - you will add to it over the next 6 lessons
Add a branch to your mind map showing the 10 features of writing from the lesson on Monday
Add a branch about Proper Nouns and what they add to your writing

Why are we doing this??

7% of total GCSE

How will we complete this??!

2 weeks of lessons to prepare

4 lessons to write story So, write
in your planner,
in your book,
somewhere you will REMEMBER it
"A Taste for Life"

Any predictions? Daphne Raydor worked in the bookkeeping department at Rapelec, Inc. Her capacity for work – her appetite for it – was insatiable. In January, when accountants go mad closing last years’ books, Daphne flourished. She worked best in the night’s dark hours, comparing ledgers and totting up columns with greedy delight.

Section 2 - Paragraphs 2-5 Questions on Section 2 Section 3
Paragraphs 6-11 Complete character grid on Sylvia
Write 5 sentences which
begin with ONE of the following words

On Inside Outside
Beyond Among Below
Towards From Into

Use proper nouns to add realism
Back home, Daphne burst into tears. How could Jerry love her, as fat as she was, and why didn’t Sylvia drop dead? Jerry consoled her, but uneasily. And Sylvia, back in her suite, Sylvia could not rest. Daphne happy and in love: impossible. Daphne thin? Never! This is NOT the end of the story.
You have a minute to write down
what you think the end of the story really is.

Mechanically, methodically, still weeping, she lifted Sylvia’s left arm to her mouth. Another short (but a little bit longer) story

"The Lottery" Creative writing lesson 5

6 sentences - 6 minutes

3 beginning with the following words
1. Gripping... 2.Packing... 3. Looking...

then 3 beginning with these words
4. Tired... 5. Annoyed... 6. Pleased...

e.g. Gripping the pen, Jane wrote her name nervously.
Tired by the long walk, the children quickly fell asleep.
Did your sentence have;
a main clause
a subordinate clause
punctuation (comma) to separate them? Why bother with sentences
like these?

What effect do they have?

Emotional involvement -
we share the character's sense of
anxiety - by having to wait until
the end of the sentence.

Giving information
the writer wants us to know what has caused
the children to be tired. Events are in a chronological

Add these to your
mind-map... So, now for the detail,

Top tip - start in close-up
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