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Justin Bieber

No description

Catherine Nguyen

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

By: Adam, Andrew, Catherine
Martin. Justin Bieber: Spreading the Marketing Fever Competition Merchandise Customer Analysis A Bit About the Biebs Biography March 1
,1994 2013 The Power of the Internet Today 2008 Justin Drew Bieber young Canadian musician who participated in many local singing competitions
home town: Stratford, Ontario uploaded videos for his family to see his performances but he connected with thousand of people through his music covers. Scooter Braun, a talent manger, saw the amazing qualities that Justin possessed. He reached out to him and set up a meeting with big names like Justin Timberlake and Usher. Seven years after his first YouTube video post he has multiple platinum albums, an abundant of awards, a fragrance line, sold out world tours and partnerships with numerous charities. Justin also as an a fan base of a variety of individuals in the world. The enthusiastic fan are known as Beliebers and willing to support Justin through whatever. Justin was signed to Island Record Target Market Gender:
Ethnic: Females 5- 18 Caucasian Parental Dependence Marital Status: Single Unemployed/Part time Job Elementary/Secondary School Income: Education: Occupation: Albums Cost: Range from $7.99 -$17.99 My World, My World 2.0- $ 7.99
Under the Mistletoe- $11.99
Believe, Believe Acoustic- $13.99
Deluxe Edition of Any Album- $ 17.99 The purpose of selling Justin's core product is to promote the interest for ancillary products. His music is the fundamental reason for his success. **Prices are based on precedent Memorabilia Clothing: Cost $150-800
Ranges from shirts, sweaters or pants
Musical Instruments: Cost $200- 2000
Guitars, Drum Sticks or Ukulele Signed Merchandise: $100-350. * 60% of revenue from Memorabilia is donated to Children's Miracle Network or Pencil of Promise Fragrance: Cost $65.99 Someday or Girlfriend School Supplies: Cost $ 4.99- 29.99 Pencils: $4.99
Notebook: $8.99
Backpack: $29.99
Laptop Case: $ 21.99 * same price range as other celebrity perfumes *The site would charge a bit more for
Justin Bieber's specialty supplies
compare to normal school supplies
due to demand for such products Music: HMV, iTunes and Piracy websites/torrents.
Memorabilia: Ebay, or Collectable Stores.
Perfume: Macys, The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.
School Supplies:Walmart, Staples, K-mart These prices are high because fans are willing to pay large sums of money for such products in order to feel close to Justin Unique & Special Feature Fan are able to enter a draw to win
a gift basket filled with Justin Bieber's
merchandise after participating in "Where is JB",
a game on the home page. www.j.bieber.ca contains a YouTube feature that allows Beliebers to view all of Justin's music videos.
Instead of all the boring advertisements of random products, all ads before Justin's video will have him in it with his endorsement of other products
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