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To Kill A Mockingbird Mapping

Map of Maycomb, Alabama

Marisa Mecke

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird Mapping

Town Sqaure The Finch's House Miss Rachael Haverford's House Courthouse African American Community Tom Robinson and and his wife, Helen, and all the other African Americans lived in what seemed to be there own community, of course, segregated from the whites. Cecil Jacob's House Cecil Jacob plays a minor roll in To Kill A Mockingbird,
being the person who would insult Scout about how Atticus was defending Tom Robinson. Cecil Jacob also was the one who scared Jem and Scout on their walk back from the Halloween problem Post Office The post office is refereed to in the book by Scout in a way that it was her "boundary" between the town and the main street/neighborhood. Beyond this point is the neighborhood. Miss Rachael is the aunt of Scout and Jem's friend Dill. She lives next door to the Finch's, and takes care Dill during the summer when he is away from his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi. To Kill A Mockingbird Mapping Jail and Newspaper Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose's House The Radley House The Tree House and China berry Tree Miss Maudie Atkinson's House Elementary School High School Oak Tree Knot Hole Tree Fence&Pecan Tree Deer's Pasture Mrs. Rachael's Fishpool AME Church The Dump & The Ewell's Atticus works at the courthouse, and is assigned to Tom Robinson's case. The trial takes place in the courthouse. The newspaper, "The Maycomb Tribune," and the jail are both in one building. Mr. Underwood lived and was the only person who worked the newspaper. The jail is only one cell, and is where Tom Robinson was kept before and during the trial. The AME Church is the church founded by the African Americans. Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout here one day, where they meet Lula. Lula clearly shows she does not want them there, but the rest of the church is glad to see them because they know they believe and are defending Tom. The tree house is where Jem and Dill
would do most of their planning for
their "ways to get Boo out of hiding" like
putting a note in the shutter. The
kids would always play up in
the tree house and
spend time up their together. The Radley's house was a huge part of
this chapter with so many eventful things
happening their. The kids, Jem, Scout, and Dill, passed the house everyday and would always wonder what happened to Arthur. The Radley's house was also where the kids tried to
put the note in the shutter and where Jem's
pants were sewed, un-neatly and laying on
the fence. The entire community was afraid of, and avoided, the Radley house. They always imagined the horrible happening that went on inside the house, only in the end does Scout find out that Arthur (Boo) was not anything like the malicious person she thought he was. The dump is right next to where the Ewell's live. The Ewell's house is a big part of the book because it is where the supposed "rape" happened. The oak tree is a big part of the book. It is where Cecil Jacobs scared the kids then just hours later, Mr. Ewell almost killed the kids. It is also where Mr. Ewell lay dead after he got stabbed with a knife. Mrs. Dubose's house is where Jem is forced to read to Mrs. Dubose as punishment for ruining her flowers. It was at Mrs. Dubose's house where Jem learned what true bravery was, fighting when you know beforehand that you will lose. This is the yard in which Scout, Jem, and Dill spend the summer days of their youth playing and acting out their favorite plays, and plays they wrote themselves. The high School was a small piece
in To Kill A Mockingbird. It was
where Jem started to go to school and
Scout and him now had different schedules.
It was also where the school pageant, play,
had taken place in. The elementary school is a small part but also a part where important things happened, such as the fight Scout had with Cecil over her father and where Mrs. Caroline was introduced in the beginning of the book. Finch's Landing Finch's Landing is the Finch family's estate, 20 miles from Maycomb, where one of the Finch heirs live. The Finch's hold there Christmas dinner there, where Scout and Jem must spend Christmas Eve with their family and the worst, their cousin Francis. The fence is the boundary between the school yard and the Radley property. All the children say that the pecans are poisonous, and if you eat them you will day. The Finch house plays a big role in To Kill A Mockingbird. The Finch house is where Atticus, Scout, and Jem live. It is also where Calpurnia works, where Aunt Alexandria came to live temporarily, and where Jem was found hiding under Scout's b ed Miss Maudie is the Finch's neighbor, and plays the role of being one of the prominent mother-figures for Scout throughout the book. Miss Maudie gives perceptive to many issues in Scout's life. The End Mrs. Rachael, Dill's aunt, has a fishpool in which Dill, Scout, and Jem are allowed to play in. They spent much of their summer either in the yard, Deer Pasture, or at the fishpool. By: Aubrey Vaccarelli, Joseph Keifer, Ryan Hackett, Hannah Huff, and Marisa Mecke The knot hole tree is a tree on the way from school to the Finch's house, where Jem and Scout found "gifts" they suspected to have been given by Boo Radley. They found chewing gum, a ball of twine, to Indian head pennies, an old watch, a medal from a spelling bee contest, and two dolls whittled out of soap that looked like Jem and Scout. The oak tree is a big part of the book. It is where Cecil Jacob scared Jem and Scout, and hours later, Mr. Ewell attempted to kill them. It is also the place where Mr. Ewell laid dead after he fell on top of his knife and died.
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