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Literary Elements

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Rebecca Ly

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Literary Elements

Literary Elements One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
By Ken Kesey Irony and Symbolism Style Allegory Figures of Speech Irony Symbolism Another Example Major Characters External vs Internal Character Analysis Lawrence Welk - "Tea For Two" The Sugar Coating Public Relations Officer McMurphy
Free as the Wind Another Example Important Minor Narrator Chief Bromden
aka Chief Broom R.P McMurphy Nurse Ratched
aka Big Nurse Doctor Spivey Dale Harding Cheswick Billy Bibbit Candy Characters Nurse Ratched McMurphy Chief Bromden Nurse Ratched vs. McMurphy Nurse Ratched vs Psychiatric Ward Freedom for oneself Conformity vs. Independence Dynamic/Round Dynamic/Round Static/Round Dynamic Static/Flat Free spirited and willing to take risks
Claims insanity to escape work farm
Pushes boundaries to help patients realize their true power
The hospital's Martyr Dynamic/Flat Dynamic 31 year old virgin
Suffers from a speech impediment
Lacks confidence and has low self-esteem
His mother fails to see her son as a grown man Grows alongside the patients
Closest doctor to Nurse Ratched
Warms up to McMurphy's ideas
Practices flexibility once Nurse Ratched's power was shattered •Paranoid schizophrenic
•Feigns being deaf and mute
•Dependent on Combine
•Grows physically and mentally The Control Panel
The Key Behind Her Power Observant Simile: Metaphor: Cold Smile and Exaggerated Chest
Driven by Power and Maintaining Order
Mechanical body and personality Most intelligent of the patients
Lacks courage thus confines himself from the outside world
Uses reasoning to flee his problems
Becomes a strong man and eventually finds his voice Static/Flat McMurphy's most vocal follower
Motivated to express his deepest dissatisfaction with the hospital
Attempts to rebel
Possibly committed suicide McMurphy's "personal" female friend
The patients' first interaction with a physical woman other than the nurses
Love interest for Billy 1st-Person Point of View Chief Bromden At first, unreliable narrator: But then, reliable: McMurphy vs. Patients Freedom for all vs. Femininity Struggle "Sometimes it's a clutch of grade school teachers being led on a tour by that fool Public Relation man who's always clapping his wet hands together and saying how overjoyed he is that mental hospitals have eliminated all the old fashioned cruelty. 'What a cheery atmosphere, don't you agree? Oh, when I think back on the old days, on the filth, the bad food, even, yes, the brutality, oh I realize, ladies, that we have come a long way in our campaign!'" -page 14 Colloquial Descriptive Critical Allegorical Gloomy Sympathetic Theme Discussion Power Struggle and Authority
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