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Music Mania

No description

Maddy Johnson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Music Mania

What is Scratch? Program developed by MIT that allows users to explore the world of programming through the use of a graphic interface and a click-and-drag design What type of Scratch program? MUSIC MANIA Definition of Scratch: What type of Scratch? Game Characters Stamp Music Note Keys Instruments Objective: Create Your Own Music 1) Choice of Instrument
2) Choice of Notes and Arrangement 1) Press Play 2) Hover over desired note on "keyboard" computer programming software designed to allow users to explore different programming concepts through the use of a simple graphical interface 3) take music stamp over to the desired music note's play line 4) click the music stamp once placed in the desired space 5) once your song has been created, press the green "Play" button 6) To change instruments, drag the "Instrument 1" and "Instrument 2" sliders to desired level. Do this before, during, or after the song is played. 7) To stop the song, click the red "Stop" button. 8) To clear the created song, press the yellow "Clear Song" button
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