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Updated AIM Reveal +

No description

Neil Myers

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Updated AIM Reveal +

A Community Visioning Process
Muskogee Little Theatre
Public Wi-Fi
Wayfinding Signage
Convention Center
Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center
Building Project
Public Library
Muskogee Little Theatre audience members come from 33 communities and 12 counties.
27% of our audience members travel more than 40 miles to attend.
More than $250,000 was pumped into the local economy as a result of MLT events.
MLT’s greatest impact is seen in the quality of life in the community.
Economic Development and infrastructure important to both small and corporate businesses looking to locate and expand
Common and Higher Education
Career Tech
Progressive, Viable City
Access to all populations
Increased job opportunities
Facilitate waves of innovation and brand Muskogee as tech and business friendly
Helps visitors to easily navigate through Muskogee
Fosters pride among citizens
Says “we care” about the appearance and visitor’s experience
Appearance of signs is very professional, clean and easy to read
Signs will encourage visitors to stop at local attractions and spend money in the community, which equals increased sales tax
Increased sales tax means more city services, better streets and better education for residents
Community center for all
Classroom, multi-purpose and kitchen space available to families, organizations and other groups at little or no cost
Provide after-school programs to grade school children
Provide summer activities and food programs
Provide a cultural education center that encourages strength and diversity, civility and courage, and a commitment to a better community
Muskogee Arts & Sciences Center
Sparks and Reed assisted in identifying structures in Downtown Muskogee necessary for removal/and or development
Demonstrates progress to citizens
Downtown revitalization
Pulls Civic Center to downtown area by allowing a direct view of from Broadway
Improves the appearance of downtown
Improves the city’s appearance
Contributes to downtown revitalization and development
Investment in public offerings
Provides the standard design and aesthetic for the entire downtown area so that going forward new projects can incorporate the design theme
Contributes to the vibrancy of the heart of Muskogee
Creates a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere downtown
Creates Attractive Environment for Dining and Retail
A major addition to downtown community to help revitalize and sustain the local economy
A new tourism draw (destination), adding to the attractions that already draw visitors each year
Increased tourism and revenue generation to benefit the community economy
Help supplement educational goals and objectives to school communities surrounding Muskogee
Provides early childhood experiences through investigation and hands-on activities
Expanding the facility will encourage families to live a healthy lifestyle through recreation, fitness and play
The facility will be an impressive addition to the downtown area of Muskogee
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