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Water Filtration

No description

Amanda Yong

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Water Filtration

Water filtration
By Amanda
It was the best results that i could produce
and i am very proud of what i acheived. It was better than i expected.
My water filter worked! The exact same amount of water that i poured into my filter was still the same amount that came out. i am pleased with the results.
Thank you for listening and I hope you have learnt something from my presentation.
Water Filtration Methods
Things that i put in my wter filter...
Sand (white and black)
river pebbles/small stones
cotton wool
Which order did I put my materials in?
The order that I put my materials in were:
Cotton wool
small stones/river pebbles
Brainstorming and Research!
What are water filters?
i conducted 8 experiments on separating mixtures in order to find out more about water filtration.
In this power point, I will show you how I made my very own water filter, and why the materials I used were the best.
So sit back and enjoy!
Experiments that I did
Sand from water
Iron fillings from sand
salt from sand
water from sand
collect salt, sand and water in 3 different beakers - they are at first all in one beaker
2 immiscible liquids
2 miscible liquids
Ink in its constituent parts
Water filters clean dirty water by removing chemicals and other forms of contamination. They are commonly used to make water safe for drinking, or other uses.
Why I put certain things in my filter and in the specific order?
I put the materials in the specific order so that it would filter the larger particles then slowly filter the smaller particles. i put the cotton wool at the bottom so that when I put the sand in, it wouldn't fall through the holes that I made. I put the sponge on so that when the liquid passes through, it would take out smaller particles as sponge has very small holes and is able to take out small stones/unwanted things that might be in the water. The sponge would not soak up the water as it has things on top of it, weighing it down so all that the water can do is travel downwards.I put charcoal as it is supposed to take away the bad odors/unwanted substances away from the water. Lastly, the river pebbles/ small stones are supposed to stop bigger particles/rocks from getting through.
There are several ways of filtering water.
Reverse Osmosis
Microporous Basic Filtration
Ultraviolet Radiation
Carbon Absorption
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