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Mount Olympus

No description

Cadon Castle

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Mount Olympus is a mountain that is believed to have housed the 12 Olympian gods in Greek Mythology. Quick Facts! Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece
Mount Olympus is said to have been undisturbed by wind or storm. It was very peaceful on Mount Olympus In 1937 Mount Olympus was named as a national park in Greece What is Mount Olympus? Literary Allusions to Mount Olympus "Gladiator" David Franzoni, this has an allusion to Mount Olympus in the beginning when Maximus tells his troops to picture themselves in Elysium is they fell lonely because they will feel no pain and it will be peaceful,just like on Mount Olympus. "The Valleys of the Helicon" Mckeown,this poem alludes to Mount Olympus when Tempe compares the Peneus River Valley to Mount Olympus because of its peaceful scenery. "Falling Amongst the Grain" Alexander Saniteaous, this book alludes to Mount olympus whenever Sanchez' mom talks about the village on top of the hill that fells no storms and is full of peace. Everyday Allusions to Mount Olympus Mons Olympus-this extinct volcano on Mars is the largest volcano in the solar system,just like Mount Olympus is the biggest mountain in Greece. Olympus Camera-this digital camera was named after Mount Olympus to suggest the fact that it will take high quality pictures and that it will provide the best pictures of scenic views,like the Greek gods were able to see on top of Mount Olympus Olympus Corporation of the Americas- by having the word Olympus in their name the company is saying they want to respected and looked up to as the Greek gods were on Mount Olympus Olympic Games-the Olympic games are named after Mount Olympus to help show and put into perspective how big the Olympic games are
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