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Different Kinds of Truth

No description

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Different Kinds of Truth

Scientific Truth
Scientific truth is what really happened in comparison to what has been said in the bible.
An Example of Scientific Truth is that there is enough DNA in an average persons body to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back 17 times

The 6 Different types of truths
Scientific Truth
Historical Truth
Symbolic Truth
Proverbial Truth
Moral Truth
Religious Truth
Religious Truths
Finding the meaning that was intended behind specific stories, parables, or teachings. Generally when searching for religious truth, you have take into account the time period, the society, the audience, and the writing styles used. This allows religious scholars to understand the Koran the way the first Muslims would have.
Historical Truth
Historical truth is what has happened in the past.
An example of historical truth is that the longest war in history was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly, which lasted from 1651 to 1986. There were no casualties.
Different Kinds of Truth
Aaron Hizon-Kwok
Symbolic truth
Symbolic truth is the using of symbols to portray ideas/ the truth.
The Ten Commandments is an example of symbolic truth
Moral Truth
Moral truth is what you believe to be right and you follow these ideas.
An example of moral truth is being honest when it comes to doing something wrong
Proverbial Truth
Proverbial truth is a saying that reveals some kind of wisdom or advice
A Lark bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
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