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Team Presentation

No description

Brooke Allinger

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Team Presentation

Scenario Sequence 2
Jennifer has taken a new position with a major research company in China. The focal point of Jennifer's new position is to work with and train the interns, which are predominantly from the United States. While at ASU, Jennifer also became interested in Global Leadership. Prior to her accepting the position, Jennifer did an internship with a company in China through the CCRA China Internship Program.
As part of her new position, Jennifer is required to have new interns give presentations over topics such as workplace conduct, behavior and working together. Jennifer decides that she will need to contact all thirteen recently hired interns and assign them topics to present over.
After one of the presentations, three of interns from the United States approach Jennifer and complain that they are having difficulty communicating with individuals at their internship sites. Jennifer asks some of the other interns if they are having any communication issues at their sites and some of them suggest that they wish that they would have been informed of strategies and tactics in dealing with the language and culture differences prior to their internship.
The interns will have to take an assessment of their job performance, which will be distributed to the required staff. Email the interns a memo, which will inform them of a team meeting. The meeting will address the projects that the interns will need to complete, along with assigning teams and topics. Lastly, the interns will have a culture night to help deal with the language and culture differences.
Inform the new interns of a team meeting to discuss the projects. This gives the opportunity for questions and verbal communication, which typically leads to the best outcomes. Here Jennifer can assign groups in which will need to learn to work together on their assigned topic. Other topics Jennifer could consider assigning include workplace harassment, and the expectations of ePanel Inc.
Cultural Night to Include:
Determine the method of assessment of the recent interns' performance ... what approach and instrument will you use. How will you administer the assessment? How will you share the results with your employer and the interns?
The solution we came up with
Informal celebration of Chinese food, music, art, and other elements of Chinese culture
Workshops where communication strategies and differences in context, gestures, etc. are taught
Handouts with a summary of the material so that the interns can refer back to what they learned throughout the internship
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