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Water Quality in the Bluegrass

This project explores water quality.

Emily Grimes

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Water Quality in the Bluegrass

Water Quality in the Bluegrass by emily grimes Water is vital for life.
In 2006, the CDC
reported that 1.1 billion
people were without
drinking water. The Kentucky River Basin extends over much of the
central and eastern portions of the state.
It is home to approximately 710,000 Kentuckians.
The watershed includes all or part of 42 counties.
It drains over 7,000 square miles,
And has a tributary network of more than 15,000 miles. A survey conducted on the Benson Creek by the Kentucky River Basin Management Plan in 2002 found that, "Agricultural activities, construction, road runoff, failing septic systems, and runoff through storm sewers may contribute to the impairment of these streams."
Aerated Cow Poo Lexington is currently working to fix the issue.
Mayor Newberry stated “We ignored sewer problems for decades. Now, we are fixing or replacing aging, leaky and inadequate sewers that have been polluting our streams for years. Last year there were approximately $60 million in sanitary sewer projects underway. This year we will start another $19 million in sanitary projects.” Runoff is a problem in urban areas as well as rural.
In 2006, the city of Lexington was sued by the EPA
for violating the clean water act. Any kind of human activity can alter a stream. Construction and farming are two big
issues for streams. They expose the soil
and ultimately result in erosion. Benson Creek:
9g suspended solids Penitentiary Branch:
2382 colonies/100 mL Elkhorn Creek:
20 Fecal Coliform Colonies/100mL boo shit
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