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how do Newtons Laws apply to softball?

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emily evans

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of how do Newtons Laws apply to softball?

How do Newton's Laws apply to softball? Newton's First Law:
When a pitcher pitches the ball, she
applies a force to it to push it over the
plate. With the size ball we use, if she
applies littler force it may not travel as
fast as if more force was applied. Newton's Second Law:
Depending on the speed of the
pitch and the speed of the
swing from the batter
determines how far the ball will go.
F=MA Kaila Hunt Jackie Traina Newton's Third Law:
When a fly ball is hit, it goes up. The
third law states for every action, there
is an equal and opposite reaction. So,
when a fly ball is hit, it goes up and it must
come down. Jackie Traina Jackie Traina Kayla Braud THANKS FOR WATCHING!!
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