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Open House

No description

Brittany Forbes

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Open House

Welcome to Language Arts
Open House

Current Unit: The Outsiders
Best Way to Communicate
Reading Journals
Homework and Projects
Within this unit we are covering the new common core state standards for theme, compare and contrast, evidence, writing arguments, and text features.
The purpose of the facebook group is to facilitate meaningful discussions outside of class, and allow the students to ask questions they may not have had time to ask in class.
Rules of Facebook:
The group is only for parents and students. If you have concerns, please email me directly.
We are also studying the 1960s Pop Art movement as well as the Civil Rights movement.
If you have any concerns at any point in the year, please email me at brittany.forbes@ocps.net
Interactive Notebooks
Every student has an INB that they take home. Their notes, in class work, and their homework will be in their notebook.
You can also look in the INB to keep up with what's going on in class.
My grading rubric for the INB is on the front inside cover.
1. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
2. Always remain silent while I'm speaking!
3. Always raise your hand!
4. Stay in your seat unless you have permission.
5. Stay focused.
So far this year, the students have, overall, been doing a fantastic job. If a student gets in trouble, however, it will probably be for repeated infractions of one of these procedures or rules.
Upcoming Units:
Our next unit will cover Jack London's Call of the Wild. We will explore the concepts of plot, characterization, as well as nonfiction elements, and narrative writing.
I grade on a scale:
40% In-Class Work
25% Tests and Projects
20% Homework
15% Interactive Notebook

I love having students create something to demonstrate their understanding of a concept. I usually assign at least 1 project a nine weeks.
Starting this week, reading journals are a supplement to help a student master the concepts we are exploring in class.
Students will have 12 school days to complete a book. They will have be required to complete a journal for 6 of those days. I also like a parent or guardian to sign.
So, basically, students should always be reading!
Progressbook will always have the most up to date grades.
Please keep in mind that once a grade goes in as missing, it may take a while to update on progressbook.
Please also, whenever, possible, allow your student to advocate for themselves with their grades.
Or just search Mrs. Forbes' Language Arts
1. Be Prompt
2. Be prepared
3. Be positive
4. Be Respectful
5. Be Responsible
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