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The Great Depression

No description

Harman Deol

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of The Great Depression

The Great Depression
By: Harman Deol Period 7
It had mostly affected the farmers and stockholders
When did the Great Depression start and End
The Great Depression
started in October 29, 1929
when the
economy and the stock market crashed which was the reason for the Great Depression
and run through WW2 and ended in 1939.
How were the farmers and business affected.
What was the Great Depression cycle called.
It was
called the boom
because the Great Depression and the
Dust Bowl
had collided together.
Why did the Great Depression Happen?
Who did it mostly affect.
Stock Market Crash

Occurred on Black Tuesday
on October 29,1929. Stockholders lost $40 billion 2 months after stock market crashed.
Bank Failures
Through out the 1930s over
9,000 banks failed
6 million were affected
by this which caused them to lose their jobs. Banks stopped giving out loans to people. Which caused people to start losing a lot of money really fast.
Reduction in purchasing products
Indviduals stopped purchasing items which lead to people losing their jobs.
Drought Conditions
*Why did the Great Depression happen?
Dust Bowl lead to the Great Depression because no crops were getting water and the ground was not fertile.
farmers and business went bankrupted
with millions of people losing their jobs.
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