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Infrastructure, networks and Learning

No description

Peter Woodhead

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Infrastructure, networks and Learning

Burstability Cost reduction How will you store data in the future? How likely are you to move in this direction? Which of your services could be delegated to the cloud? Greater Flexibility More
Options More flexible support for
different learning design Bundling of
solutions Single Sign
On Cloud Based Infrastructure Is your infrastructure a Learning Network? The Present State Whose Network is it? IT and Learning Management Support Technician
The post holder will have experience of online databases and learning platforms as well as a good understanding of how Web 2.0 technologies can support learning in different contexts.REQUIREMENTS •Degree/Diploma in Computer Science or similar subject •Familiar with cloud-based solutions •Excellent knowledge about class room pedagogy and technology integration•Excellent knowledge about mobile technology integration•Excellent spoken and written English •Ability to work to tight deadlines with accuracy •Prior IT support experience in a school environment is an advantage Learning Technology Support Specialist•
University graduate in Information Technology or related studies •Excellent spoken and written English•Knowledgeable about how to configure educational applications and Web 2.0 applications•Experience in working with children and young adults is a plus•Understanding of Learning Platforms and a strong interest in finding out how technology can support learning•Experience of working with PC and Apple platforms The Challenges https://voicethread.com/share/3734145/ What is your relationship with the library? Do we need to redefine the roles and structure of the IT Support Team? Questions The GSIS Tool Shed Digital Safety and Copyright
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