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Windows Mobile

ENTR 200

Aleksander Mortensen

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Windows Mobile

WinCE, the operating system behind Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, was released in the late 90's. WinCE wasn't Microsoft's first attempt at delivering software to mobile computing. Although Microsoft does not explain the "CE," it is reported to have originally stood for "Consumer Electronics." Some of the consumer electronics that Microsoft and WinCe have been behind.
Windows Pen
Winpad Handheld PC
Palm PC
Pocket PC
Gametrac WinCE has followed the pattern of problems common to Microsoft’s other products.
Renamed Windows Mobile 5 in 2003
Supposed to be released alongside Windows Vista mid 2004
Both delayed
Windows Mobile 5 finally released in 2005, months late, yet still a year and a half ahead of Windows Vista Windows Mobile 6 was the next OS in line and was developed to easily interface with Windows Vista. It was still based on Windows Mobile 5, but now it's green. After a decade of trying, WinCE has done little to push the state of the art, and nothing to enrich Microsoft. The company reported having lost over half a billion dollars from its Mobile and Embedded Devices segment over the four years leading up to Vista's release. When WinCE appeared it delivered the typical embarrassment of a clumsy Microsoft product launch, and made no effort at all to provide any sort of handwritten recognition. It was just a PC shoved in a smaller box. WinCE isn't particularly well adapted for mobile phone use, because Microsoft designed it to suit the needs of a paperback-sized PC. Microsoft itself gave up on WinCE after trying to shoehorn it into the Sega Dreamcast and then again in its own Xbox game console. Summary
While there has still been a recent release of Windows Mobile with Windows Mobile 7, it is still and inferior technology compared to iPhone and Android devices.
Microsoft lost customer loyalty with making clumsy, and unreliable products.
Even when releasing new products, their technology is sill lagging behing the rest of the industry. Questions?
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