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Which sense elicits the fastest response time?

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Luke Dean

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Which sense elicits the fastest response time?

Research shows the fastest sense to respond is the sense of sound because it takes eight to ten milliseconds to get to the brain.
Which sense elicits the fastest response time?
The slowest sense is the sense of smell for the scent waves have to go through your nose before the brain.
Our hypothesis is that the sense of sight will elicit the fastest response time.
we tested our hypothesis by dropping a yard stick and asking the test subject to react to the appropriate sense.
the experiment shows that the sense of sound is the fastest, then sight comes after, then touch, and the slowest is smell.
The conclusion is that our hypothesis was correct and that the dependent variable was the different reactions. The independent variable was the speed the ruler dropped.
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