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Welcome to 3rd Grade

Open House Presentation

Aaron Van Borek

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade
with Mr. VB
3rd Grade:

Who is Mr. VB?
Teaching Philosophies
Overview of our classroom activities & learning
Our Learning Family
Classroom Management
Student Support & Notices
3rd Grade is an incredible adventure in learning and a year that shapes future educational habits. It's a time for students to sharpen their sense of self, develop independence and organization, begin to pursue personal passions, and take charge of their own learning. We play a pivotal role as a team (teacher and parents) in enuring that each student progresses, unlocks their potential, and reaches new heights.
3rd Grade Curriculum
Semester 2
Portuguese & Support
Our Learning Family
3rd Grade Curriculum
Semester 1
3rd Grade Curriculum & Assessment
Communication & Technology
A Team: Between Home and School
Who is Mr. VB?
Mr. VB's Teaching Philosophy and Goals
-Make every student feel safe, important, valued, and loved
-Empower each student to be a risk-taker, feeling confident and capable ("It's difficult, but I can still do it!")
-Students enjoy learning, are curious & identify personal passions
-Instill the values and skills of appreciation, collaboration, inclusion, and communication (and manners!)
-Help students to dream bigger and set higher goals
("Show me your best. I know you can do better!")
-Utilize technology & the arts to express ourselves & create motivation
-Ensure the needs of all students are being met (differentiation)
What is culture? How does culture enrich our lives?
Ecosystems & Foodwebs
Who do we depend on? Who depends on us?
Where are we? How did we get here? Why are we here?
How does a person become a part of our community and country?
How are children around the world similar and different?
What is sound? How can we change pitch and volume?
Leaders & Heroes
How can a person make a difference
in their community?
In the shoes of a Scientist & Leader
21 curious, enthusiastic, and sweet children
Breakdown: 12 girls, 9 boys
Nationalities: Brazilian (13), American (3), Korean (2), Argentinian (2), Mexican (1).
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, Mandarin, Hebrew.
Technology & Communication
emails, parent conferences, meetings
#1: the blog!
The Classroom
The Schedule
Text-rich, inviting, friendly, supportive, learning anchors, student-centered, collaborative, conflict resolution, clear expectations & boundaries, rewards
During Open House
we will be in the
Lower School Library

Bobbie Jo Olio Neubern
Substitute OLC Teacher- Third Grade

Fernanda Oppenheimer Fleury
OLC Teacher- Third Grade

OLC rooms are in I-7 (above the Lower
School Office)

Optimal Learning Center (OLC)

Português Regular

PLA – Português Língua Adicional

Van Borek’s class

Mari Formicola

3o Ano Português

Paula Berlinck

Diversity of Activities & Learning=Supporting the Whole Child
We are a team! So how can you help?

-Be available, check agenda & log
-Check our class blog often!
-Help study word patterns/sorts, read together
-Build a positive self-image of your child
-Help practice math facts & Homelinks work
-Help your child be in class by 8:00 AM
-Emphasize the importance of homework, reading,
and best efforts
-Encourage use of technology!
-SPEAK ENGLISH & immerse them in it!
-Encourage inquiry & their curiosity
-Get involved in the classroom
Birthdays are special days! If you
would like to celebrate your child’s
birthday in class please send me a
note or email at least 1 day before. I will set aside 15 minutes at the end of FRIDAY to celebrate (Handbook rules).

If you are planning a party outside of school, we kindly ask that you distribute invitations outside of the classroom unless the entire class is invited. This helps us avoid hurt feelings in the classroom.

A kid at heart
A family man
Artist &
Assessment & Report Cards
40 minutes from Monday-Thursday
(20 minutes reading in English,
20 minutes spelling/Math Homelinks)
Why can't one live without the other?
Why do people value some rocks over others?
How do properties of matter determine their use?
If a tree falls in the forest when no one is around, does it make a sound?

We assess your child’s progress in many ways.
You can get a good idea of how your child is doing through:
Student Portfolios
Assignments and Projects
Interim Reports
Report Cards
MAP Scores

Please check progress & report cards on Veracross regularly. Report cards are a great opportunity for reflection & goals setting (a celebration of accomplishments and a roadmap for improvement).

Laptops, iPads, Google Docs, and more...
Welcome Parents!
I will be in the Library if
you’d like to meet me.

Carla Maia
Lower School Counselor

ELL Program
(English Language Learner)

Cary Varela
3rd - 5th

Vanessa Carvalho
Assistant Teacher
1st - 5th

ELL Program Open House
Thurs. Sept. 26th
8:30 am
Teachers’ Cafeteria

Parents of ELLs
Come meet us tonight!

Camp Counsellor
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