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Types of Wine

No description

Laura Caldarelli

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Types of Wine

Types of wine
Red Wine
The red wine is an alcoholic beverage, typical of the Mediterranean countries, obtained from the fermentation of the must of black grapes. The color of the wine can vary from deep purple, to bordeaux.
Red wine is famous for its organoleptic properties and nutritional characteristics.
White Wine
White wine is an alcoholic beverage too, obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of the must of white grapes or black grape with colorless pulp.
Rosé Wine
Rosé wines are less well known. They allow balanced and interesting pairings; for example in combination with food, when a white wine is not enough and a red wine is too simple the answer is often provided by a rosé wine.
(Novello) New Wine
Is obtained from vinification method of carbonic maceration and it is distinguished by the wines subjected to the aging process. In addition to the particular olfactory characteristics,
It gives the wine a particularly vivid color, with shades of purple and a taste which is dominated by the freshness of the flavor.
(Passito)Sweet Wine
It is a sweet wine made from wine grapes harvested later than usual harvest and made wither. The harvest it is carried out in later October, but sometimes in November or December, when the berries are frozen.
Wine in the world
In French, wines are the best models for manufacturers around the world. The diverse climate and good soil are the components of the wine varieties available in France. From to the white light of the Loire Valley to the reds of the Midi.
Best vineyards in Italy
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo
Nebbiolo (Piemonte)
San Giovese di Toscana
Moscato D'Asti
Trebbiano Toscano

Best vineyards in
Each Italian region is home to excellent wines, from the climates to the waarmest. Italy is known for its huge regional variety of white and red wines and its solid grape growing and wine making tradition.
Is an alcoholic beverage obtained by the fermentation of the grapes.
How to taste wine?
Hold the glass by the stem so that you can see the wine clearly and so your hands do not warm it
Swirl the glass to get the wine moving, look at the way the wine clings to the glass.
Smell the wine, than give your glass a second swirl and sniff more deeply
Take a sip, the flavours, rolling the wine around your mouth, swallow when you have a sense of the flavours and feel of the wine.
The winemaking process
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