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Book Project Flipped!!

This is the book i read for the book project called Flipped!! :D

Rua Khalil

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Project Flipped!!

Climax: Flipped By:Rua Khalil Main character # 1 Main Character #2 Plot Summary: Rising Action Falling Action Exposition: Resolution One day Juli stops by to give Bryce some more eggs and she does, but Juli doesn't leave the house she stood there for a couple of minutes admiring the door, then she turned around and saw Bryce throwing away the eggs. he tried to make up that they were broken but she opened the box and they weren't. Juli got so mad at Bryce because he didn't tell her, she couldve used those eggs to get some money. bryce feels bad for what he did. Author: Wendelin Van Draanen Juli starts raising chickens and selling their eggs, but since she thinks Bryce is her friend she gives him free eggs when his parents find out they tell him to tell Juli that they don't want the eggs because of poisoning. Bryce is afraid to tell her that so he spends years throwing all the eggs she gives him away. she also likes climbing her tree in the park but one day when she was on it people told her to come down so they could cut it.. and they did. Juli stops thinking about bryce
or talking to him because of what he did. she even stopped going on the bus she would go on the bicycle. one day after school Bryce's grandfather was watching juli working on her family's garden so he went to help her. then Bryce goes out to apologize to her but she doesn't listen to him at all. the next day Bryce's mom invited Juli's
family for dinner. Bryce: he was judgemental but then changed, he was also dishonest but then changed, that's why he is a round character. He also has blue eyes. Juli ( Juliana): is a very smart girl and is very respectful, she stays like that the whole book so she is a flat character. she has brown hair. Juli moves next door to Bryce and Juli loves hanging out with Bryce and finds him nice but all he thinks of her is weird, and what makes things worse is that she starts going to his school. a lot of the students don't like her because she is good in school and always a teachers pet . Juli thinks Bryce
likes her eggs! Bryce doesn't want
to hurt Juli's feelings. When Juli's family goes over for dinner at the bakers house, Bryce tries to make Juli forgive him and at the end he apologized but she didn't forgive him. So in her back yard he built her a beautiful tree instead of the one the people cut down, so she could climb it and look at the sunset so when he did, Juli realized and went to see what he was doing. she forgave him and thanked him for planting her favorite kind of tree in the back yard. Recommendation!! I recommend this book to people that like books about friendship. this book is good for every one who like exiting books. I recommend it for people who like knowing stuff from two points of veiw. this is what the book is about, FLIPPED!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!
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