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Jeff Mullaney

No description

Katie Coulter

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Jeff Mullaney

Electoral College Strategy
Our electoral college strategy to win a minimum of 305 votes for Mullaney depends heavily on our 12 battleground states, where Mullaney will spend much of his campaigning time. We incorporated each state's specific issues related to health care, national defense, and economy into a larger platform that will satisfy a vast majority of states.

In order to win the overall election and reach 270 electoral votes, we need 7 of our battleground states including: Nevada(6), Arizona(11), Georgia(16), Florida(29), North Carolina(1), Virginia(13), and Ohio(18). However, reaching 305 would require all 12 battleground states including the remaining 5: Colorado(9), New Mexico(5), Iowa(6), Wisconsin(10), and New Hampshire(4).

With our wide set of policy issues, we are hoping to win all 12. We have 14 for sure states accompanied by 7 pretty sure states which, with the help of most of our swing states will win Mullaney the election.

Energizing the Base
Our candidate's stance on economic issues aligns with the overall Republican Party position: promoting the growth of the private sector. If Mullaney can show his base that he will fix our current economic state to better benefit the majority of the country, rather than just a small portion, we can keep our For Sure states. Building on to that, another issue that concerns many Republicans, and citizens regardless of party affiliation, is our Healthcare System. By repealing the Affordable Care Act, we can save millions for millions.
If we continue to refrain from being a First- Strike country, then we can protect ourselves and still maintain a smaller, standing military in case of emergencies. We will, however, use it when threatened and in order to support and uphold good relations with essential Allies, if need be.
Candidate Profile
- 47
- Male
Political Leaning
- Moderate Republican
- Christian
- Marysville, Ohio
- Lawyer/Politician
- Yale undergrad/ Harvard Graduate School
- Jeff Mullaney was blessed with three beautiful children; two daughters ages 9 and 15 and a 19 year old son. He met his wife, Linda at Harvard Law School and they have been happily married for 20 years.

Jeff Mullaney 2014
Katie Coulter, Emma Spear, Meg Owen, Erin Gould

Repeal Obamacare law of 2010
Costs as of now are above inflation with families and businesses struggling to pay.
This government-run health care system leads to substandard care and limited choices on doctors and medical treatment options
Our current system leads to higher costs, large tax increases, and confusion in accessibility with limited information leading to frivolous lawsuits.

we have the right to defend ourselves
do everything we can to avoid war, but be prepared for the worst with a strong, well-equipped military
expand our energy resources on and off-shore so we can remove our troops from the Middle East
we will be able to reduce the risk conflict with the Middle East
eliminate the testing of nuclear weapons on other countries
our foreign policy is to protect Americans first and reduce the risk of a mainland attack by removing ourselves from the Middle East
Jeff Mullaney's

National Defense

Health Care Proposals
We want to start fresh and create a system that offers
a custom insurance plan that fits to the individual needs rather than forcing families to pay more the unwanted benefits that are included in a "one size fits all" health care package.
Reduce costs and increase competition
Allow small businesses and organizations to come together to provide insurance at lower costs.
Increase competition by allowing companies to sell insurance over state lines, driving down costs.
The Pro-Americans Health Care Reform Act would enforce these positions and expand access to Health Savings accounts and provide useful information, and help guarantee access to insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.
Need to create growth within the private sector
Decrease the income gap without heavy taxation on the top 1%
Be able to meet the basic needs of more people without taking away from others
Reform federal budget to reduce spending which will prevent a loss of resources in the private sector
Get America Back to Work!
Deficit spending only when unemployment is high
Wealth Divide
Wealthy can save, middle to lower income can provide enough to get by, however can't spend
Endless cycle that causes people to stay within their economic levels
Tax cuts aren't necessary, however smaller tax brackets could even out the playing field
Stump Speech
Arizona (11)
Colorado (9)
Virginia (13)
Florida (29)
Nevada (6)
Iowa (6)
New Mexico (5)
Georgia (16)
Wisconsin (10)
New Hampshire (4)
Ohio (18)
North Carolina (15)
Arizona does not support a federal health care plan and recognizes that Obamacare was a mistake as it only reduces our choices of coverage and allows the government to spend beyond its means. This state supports a personalized approach to care rather than a one-size-fits-all method. They want to remain independent of federal plans to stop using up money that we don't have and maintain a freedom to choose the best options for each individual citizen. We plan to win this state through our stance on the matter and by providing them with superior health care options than are currently available.
The economy is one of the top concerns in Nevada so a focus on economic matters will win their vote. We support entrepreneurs and small businesses and we do not want an increase in taxes. In addition, we encourage their development of energy production and lowering of energy costs to attract more businesses and increase competition, which will provide relief for economic struggles.
New Mexico plays a very pivotal role in our National Security and if we are able to appeal to their desired agenda for National Defense then we can gain their support for Mullaney. They are at the forefront for research and development that contributes to our country's safety.
My fellow Americans, I believe you have been robbed. This nation, built on the backs of hard-working men and women has not received the fair treatment, protection, and information it's people deserve. With my guidance, I believe we can get this great nation back on it's feet. My goals for the next four years pinpoint our most pressing issues facing American's today: health care, the economy, and national defense. With dedication, hard work, and most importantly, unity, I believe this nation can prosper.

The health care system of today is broken and complicated. The first step in creating a more efficient, cost effective system would be repealing Obamacare. Healthcare should be custom to the individual instead of a "one size fits all" idea. My proposals would allow small businesses and organizations to come together to provide health insurance at lower costs, as well as increase competition by allowing insurance to be sold over state lines. This understanding and accessibility to information on individual healthcare plans would stop the frivolous lawsuits, and play greatly in the people's favor.

I feel that our nation has felt threatened over the past decade by terrorist attacks and war in the Middle East. I believe that as Americans, we have the right to defend ourselves only when it comes to these circumstances. We should push the elimination of the testing of nuclear weapons, which will not only protect the citizens of our country, but of countries all over the world, making it a safer place.

Our problems with the wealth divide can be difficult to approach, however it is essential to the stability of our economy. We need to be able to meet the basic needs of all our citizens and shift the economic power so it is in the hands of the people. With the growth of the private sector and the reform of mandated spending, we can make our economy prosper.

My name is Jeff Mullaney and I approve this message.
Wisconsin feels very strongly about our nations economy and believes that the spending of the government is out of control. To win the votes of Wisconsin, we would propose a balanced budget including reforms regarding overseas oil production in the Middle East and stimulating more jobs which will also boost our economy. By repealing the Affordable Care Act, we will be able to put our time and effort in to reforming our government's current issues and building new policies for the future.
We believe that to be able to win Ohio, we would need to focus mainly on the creation of new jobs that will boost our economy. By implementing a free market policy and simplifying the tax system with the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, we plan to gain the extremely important votes from Ohio.
To win the votes of North Carolina, we will primarily target areas that have to do with government spending and the economy. We want our stance to be known that we will only spend money as a nation if absolutely necessary. Our citizens should feel as though they have a say in our government.
More and more Iowa voters have voted republican in recent elections. It has changed from a leaning democratic state to a leaning republican, so we believe that if we remain fairly moderate while not compromising our beliefs, Jeff Mullaney could successfully win Iowa.
New Hampshire has always been a fairly evenly divided state with a history of voting going back and forth between republican and democrat. It is very important that we are able to take New Hampshire with its importance in the voting process for the rest of the nation. With only a 39% approval rate for President Obama, the state that voted for him in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, many are looking for a new candidate to bring forth fresh ideas. I believe that our candidate, Jeff Mullaney a moderate Republican, can be the change that New Hampshire is looking for.
Georgia holds similar views to ours about the Obamacare act, and their State House even went so far as to pass a bill to nullify it. We plan to gain their support by presenting better and more cost-effective health care plans that will replace Obamacare and provide their citizens with the care they need.
To win Colorado, we plan to support their efforts for national defense. They aim to eliminate dependence on other countries and have always supported the National Defense Authorization Act, so we believe that they will stand behind us as we strive to avoid conflict but prepare ourselves for the unknown.
Virginia citizens feel that Obamacare is costly and restricting, so we plan to win them by repealing this act and presenting improved health care plans.
We hope to win Florida through economic reform. They're calling for a balanced budget and avoidance of deficit spending to decrease wasted money. By presenting effective, realistic ideas to solve the issues at hand, we will be able to rally support from this state.
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