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No description

Nik Škorja

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of WHODUNIT

WHODUNIT Betty Owens is a rich woman. Last Saturday someone stole her jewels because she left them in the living room.
Who stole them; Antonio, Cindy, Marcel or Louise? Cindy:˝I was in the libary, I was talking to Antonio about books. When the jewels dissapeared I was still in the libary but when Betty shouted I ran on the hall and saw Louise.
She was leaving the house with carkeys.˝ Marcel:˝I was in the Betty´s room.
I was looking for a book. When the jewels
dissapeared I was hidding behind the desk in
Betty´s room because someone came into the room
but I didn´t saw that person.
When Betty shouted I jumped and she saw me then we ran on
hall and we saw Cindy.˝ Antonio and Louise stole the jewels.
Louise took the jewels and carkeys then she
drove to airport. When Antonio came on airport
the went to Cuba. Betty called MR. Terminator
and he called his friend Tito. Terminator sent
picture of them too. When Tito found them he called
Terminator and he came on Cuba too.
Then they waited for the right moment and arrest them.
They took them to the jail and gave the jewels back to the
Betty. The case was closed. PREZED BY:
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